MEINBLAU project space

Founded in 1997 at Pfefferberg in Berlin as project space and studio house for art by 5 artists, MEINBLAU provides 125 qm of exhibition and activity space on two levels while surrounded by 12 artist studios where currently 14 artists work. Since then the space is organised by the artists who work here for art initiatives and collectives whose projects take up current discourses and experiment by neither considering the commerical art market nor the political mainstream.
Since its EU-funded renovation in April 2005, MEINBLAU has been supporting artists and partners from the independent Berlin art scene, including e.g. singuhr projekte (, and cooperating with international cultural institutions and art schools. Many projects could be realised through the kind support of the Pfefferwerk Stiftung (foundation) as well as project fundings by the culture department of Pankow.
As the surrounding neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte continue to be gentrified, MEINBLAU‘s position as a bulwark of independent art in this district is increasing in importance, noticeably for us through the higher demand of both young and established artists whose project proposals enable us to provide a diverse program of art shows.

MEINBLAU is a member of the Network of Free Project Spaces and Initiatives in Berlin and recieved in 2015 a Project Space Prize from the Senate for Cultural Affairs, Berlin.