Cybernetic Imaginaries

Book Presentation, Artist Talk and Performance
Ralf Baecker

Saturday September 30th 2023, 7 p.m



Book Presentation: Cybernetic Imaginaries (edited by Carsten Seiffarth)
19:00 Artist Talk with Siegfried Zielinski (moderation Daria Parkhomenko)
20:00 Performance: A Natural History of Networks/Softmachine


Cybernetic Imaginaries (Distanz Verlag)
Cybernetic Imaginaries (edited by Carsten Seiffarth) is the first monographic catalog of the artist Ralf Baecker. The catalog is a comprehensive documentation of his experimental poetic machines, installations and performances. In addition to photographs, sketches, technical drawings, and detailed descriptions of Baecker's central works, media-theoretical and art-historical essays by Siegfried Zielinski, Andreas Broeckmann, and an interview with the curator Daria Parkhomenko contextualize the artistic work of Ralf Baecker.

A Natural History of Networks/Softmachine
A Natural History of Networks/Softmachine is an audiovisual performance. A custom-built electrochemical experimental apparatus (SoftMachine) creates a dynamic fluidic self-organizing microcosm that performs a continuous becoming of form, structure and material narrations.

(free entry)



Facing North Korea

Solo exhibition of the North Korean artist Sun Mu

August 19 to September 10, 2023

Curated by Bernhard Draz

Opening hours: Thu-Sun, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Opening: Friday, August 18, 2023, 7 p.m.



Sun Mu, Song of Peace, oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm, 2018

The artist Sun Mu was born in North Korea in 1972 and received academic training there as a traditional communist propaganda painter. The great famine of the 90s drove him to flee via China, Thailand and Laos to South Korea. There he completed further studies in fine arts and has since lived as a freelance artist in Seoul.
To protect his family remaining in North Korea, he hides his face from the media public and adopted the pseudonym Sun Mu, which means without border. The choice of his stage name implies his longing for a unified Korea. On the Korean peninsula after the war only the armistice agreement of 1953 is valid, a peace treaty does not exist until today.

Sun Mu's works are strongly influenced by his origins and education; in terms of content, everything revolves around peace and the reunification of the two Korean countries. In his paintings, he deals primarily with the different systems of the two states. Thus, he uses the visual language of propaganda painting to develop a subversive aesthetic and often employs the use of irony, humor and symbolism. Many of his images seem like a propaganda variant of Pop or Street Art, but are always linked to a call for resistance and an appeal for freedom and humanity. In North Korea, Sun Mu is considered an enemy of the state, particularly because of his satirical portraits of the Kim trinity (Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un), who are revered like gods, but in South Korea, too, his paintings have often fallen victim to state censorship.

Sun Mu will use his one-month residency at Meinblau Projektraum to produce new works. In combination with a selection of his paintings from 2018 - 2023, this will enable a representative presentation of this artist, who is unique due to his origins and biography.


Meinblau Projektraum
Pfefferberg Haus 5
Christinenstrasse 18-19
10119 Berlin

Duration: August 19 to September 10, 2023
Opening hours: Thu-Sun, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Special thanks to Art5 e.V., Neolook, Peace Arts Exchange Association and Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin

The exhibition is supported by the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur

Meinblau Projektraum is supported by the State of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe




Nika Schmitt – umwandler

 08.07. — 16.07.2023 Experimental exhibition

Friday 07.07.23 , 19h Artist Talk/Opening/

Young Luxembourg-born sound artist Nika Schmitt has her debut in Berlin with her new sound installation umwandler. Starting at the end of July, this piece transforms the Large Water Reservoir on Belforter Straße in Prenzlauer Berg into a sounding transformation center of energy.

Nika Schmitt tests the concrete setup for the installation in advance at the beginning of July in an experimental exhibition in Meinblau Project Space, which functions simultaneously as a work, presentation and discussion space. Visitors can study test setups, sketches and objects and follow the development of the piece using concrete examples.

The artist installs a system that produces electrical power but at the same time stops the flow of energy, deforming its own power needs by charging and discharging itself. Nika Schmitt transforms the energetic processes generated by the system into continuously changing sounds and sound movements in the space.

Nika Schmitt presents her research results in detail in an artist talk on Friday, July 7th, 2023 at 7 p.m. at Meinblau Project Space, which will simultaneously serve as the opening of her experimental installation.

Nika Schmitt s kinetic sculptures and installations are marked by a special combination of sound, electronics and mechanics. Her pieces focus on complex physical processes in a surprisingly simple and intuitive way. The questions she explores are universal and her artistic realizations are often humorously paired with sometimes wondrous mechanical procedures. umwandler is a sound installation that is technically based on the principle of the copper coil prevalent in electrical engineering.

read more:

Nika Schmitt – umwandler
08.07. — 16.07.2023 Experimental exhibition
Meinblau Projektraum, Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5,
Christinenstr. 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Open: Wed — Sun from 3-7pm
Artist Talk: 07.07.2023, 7pm

27.07. — 13.08.2023 Sound installation
Großer Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg
Belforter Straße, 10405 Berlin
Open: Wed — Sun from 2-8pm
Opening: 26.07.2023, 7pm

Admission Experimental exhibition: free
Admission Großer Wasserspeicher: 6€ / 3€

Organized by singuhr e.v.
Funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., Arts Council Luxembourg, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur), Musikfonds, die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Botschaft des Großherzogtums Luxemburg. With the kind support of Meinblau e.V. and Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin.






Parrot People

in collaboration with Nick Byaba and CMUK

curated by Anne Hölck

Opening Hours:
Thur-Sun 2-7 pm

Finissage Event: Sunday 14.05.23 , 2-7pm Caring Research / Mensch-Tier Räume,
exhibition tour with the artists, input-lectures  by Traces Studio, Antonia Ulrich, Nick Byaba


The exhibition project Parrot People by the artists duo Hörner/Antlfinger revolves around the different habitats in which grey parrots and humans meet and have met historically. The trade in wild parrots as exotic 'export goods' began in the early 16th century with the colonial era. Today, there are probably more African grey parrots living in human households worldwide than in the countries of origin of the endangered species.
Hörner/Antlfinger transfer the material of their ethnographic-artistic research on the network of relationships between grey parrots and humans from interviews, images, sounds and objects into installations that reveal the process of a multispecies storytelling and allow links to be associated anew. Thematically, the artistic narratives span from the first arrivals of parrots in Europe through ship transports of exotic animals in colonial times, to living together with grey and Senegal parrots in their own household and rare observations of wild conspecifics, which they have been documenting since 2022 together with the nature guide and founder of the Parrot Tree Caretakers Association Nick Byaba on the edge of Kibale National Park in western Uganda.
The exhibition Parrot People at Meinblau project space provides a first insigt into Hörner/Antlfinger’s current artistic research project and shows filmic, photographic and installation works as well as objects by CMUK, the interspecies art collective founded by the artists with their animal companions Clara and Karl.

Since the beginning of the 90s, the artistic work of Ute Hörner and Mathias Antlfinger deals with collaborative processes and relationships between humans, animals and machines. Their installations, video works and scultptures open up both critical perspectives on changeable social constructs and utopian visions of an equal interaction with each other. Hörner/Antlfinger have been professors of media art / transmedia spaces at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since 2009, with the professorship of Multispecies Storytelling since 2023. Their work has been shown at international exhibitions and festivals and presented in numerous publications. 

Rahmenprogramm / Events:


Saturday, 29.04.23, 15h Kuratorische Führung
Eintritt frei (ca. 45 min)


Sunday, 07.05.23 14h Führung für Kinder ab 8 Jahren
Eintritt frei, (ca. 45 min) um Anmeldung wird gebeten an Anne Hölck, projektraum(at)


Sunday 14.05.23 14-16h Finissage-Event

Caring Research / Mensch-Tier Räume“
exhibition tour with the artists, input-lectures by
Pascal M. Dreier/Timo Stammberger, Gründer von / founders of Traces Studio of creative Investigation
Antonia Ulrich, Gründerin von / founder of Institute for Arborphilia, Animals, Aesthetics and Activism
Nick Byaba,Gründer von / founder of Parrot Tree Caretakers Association Uganda (Video). 

Artistic and activist approaches will be presented that perceive animal environments in the sense of a caring, creative research in habitats shared with humans and propose concrete ways of acting on them.

The Workshop will take place in the language of the present speakers mainly in German, if you would like to take part and speak English only, please contact so we can react.

until 19h Finissage





Pressekontakt: Bluhm PR, Sylke Bluhm, info(at)

Pressebilder hier zur Ansicht, bitte anfragen:


Meinblau Projektraum
Pfefferberg Haus 5
Christinenstrasse 18-19
10119 Berlin



The exhibition is supported by the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur.
Meinblau Projektraum is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


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A Reconsideration.
Marthe Howitz and Wenke Seemann

11–19th March 2023

As part of the EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography                                                  curated by Bernhard Draz

Opening Friday 10th March 2023  7pm


left: Wenke Seemann, Lütten Klein #1 from the series Deconstructing Plattenbau, 2021          right: Marthe Howitz, Aufbau Ost, 2021

In their works, the artists Marthe Howitz and Wenke Seemann examine the phenomenon of panel buildings and deal with its origins and characteristics in different ways: They regard the East German prefab districts as functional architecture in the tradition of modernism and the urban heritage of a vanished country as well as a projection screen for social awakening and descent narratives and biographical space of experience.
The exhibition combines photomontages, collages and video works from the series of works ARCHIVE DIALOGUE #1 - CONSTRUCTION PLAN FOR THE FUTURE by Wenke Seemann with the ceramic installation „CONSTRUCTING THE EAST“ by Marthe Howitz, a 200-piece modular sculpture of a typical WBS70 apartment block and another new sculptural work. In combination, the works create a space that enables a new perspective on the transformation of the East German model city and aesthetically negotiates the existing continuities, ambivalences and contradictions. The room installation is complemented by the video work Beton by Susanne Soldan.

Supporting program:
March 12, 2023, 3 p.m.: Guided tour through the exhibition with the artists Marthe Howitz, Wenke Seemann and Susanne Soldan
March 17, 2023, 6 p.m.: Tattoos with prefabricated building images by /                  March 19, 2023, 3 p.m.: Guided tour through the exhibition with the artists Wenke Seemann and Marthe Howitz

Location: MEINBLAU Projektraum, Christinenstrasse 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Opening: Friday, March 10, 2023, 6:00 p.m
Duration: March 11-19, 2023
Opening hours: Thursday-Sunday, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m


Meinblau Projektraum is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin

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SOLID LANDSCAPES – loose parts

SOLID LANDSCAPES - loose parts
Marcelina Wellmer

SAVE the DATE ::::: Finissage: 26.11.2022 - 2pm to 9 pm
Last chance to see “Solid Landscapes - loose parts” by artist Marcelina Wellmer
On the last day of the exhibition we are open from 2pm.
From 5 - 9 pm there will be the opportunity to meet the artist, and to participate in a small voluntary action: on the spot, right away or later, alone or together, once or permanently, sitting or standing.
At 7 pm there will be a guided tour.

Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Fr/Fri 11.11.2022 19h

Ausstellung // Duration
Do-So /Thr–Sun, 14–19h


Marcelina Wellmers künstlerische Forschung konzentriert sich auf den Einfluss des Menschen auf die Landschaft, die technologischen Abhängigkeiten und die Dissoziationen zwischen Natur, Mensch und Industrie. In SOLID LANDSCAPES - loose parts zeigt Wellmer drei ihrer neuesten Arbeiten: „Solid Landscapes, Porous und Amalgam. Mit den Videoaufnahmen, Fotografien und Objekten lädt die Künstlerin die Betrachter*innen ein, sich mit dem unaufhörlichen Wachstum von Industrie- und Produktionsflächen und einer gewaltigen menschengemachten (Anti-)Verschmelzung von Natur und Technik auseinanderzusetzen. Manche der in den Arbeiten zu entdeckenden Anknüpfungspunkte und Abhängigkeiten wirken zufällig, unpassend und irritierend; andererseits eröffnen sie Raum für neue Erzählungen, die das Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Mensch und Natur reflektieren. Dabei balancieren die Arbeiten zwischen technischer Entropie und ambivalenter Verschmelzung von natürlichen und künstlichen Materialien.

Marcelina Wellmer schloss ihr Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Poznan/Polen im Jahr 2000 mit einem Diplom in Video und Zeichnung ab. Sie ist Konzeptkünstlerin und Fotografin und lebt in Berlin. Als Medienkünstlerin arbeitet sie seit 12 Jahren mit Video, Fotografie, Objekten und Sound und erforscht die symbiotischen Beziehungen zwischen Menschen, Schnittstellen des Informationsaustauschs und Medien, wobei sie fehlerhafte Prozesse der Codierung und Decodierung untersucht. In der Fotografie erforscht Wellmer den starken Einfluss des Menschen auf die Landschaft, seine technologische Abhängigkeit und seine Isolation in einer modernen Welt. Für ihre Forschung erhielt sie diverse Ausstellungs- und Reisestipendien, ihre Arbeiten wurden im Rahmen von Ausstellungen und Konferenzen präsentiert, u.a. an der University of California Santa Barbara, am Centre de design de l'UQAM / Montreal / Kanada, auf der Transmediale /Berlin / Deutschland, ISEA / Vancouver / Kanada, Queensland University of Technology / Australien.


Marcelina Wellmer’s artistic research focuses on the influence of humans on the landscape, the technological dependencies and the dissociations between nature, man and industry. In SOLID LANDSCAPES - loose parts Wellmer presents three of her latest works „Solide Landscapes, Porous and Amalgam. With the video recordings, photographs and objects the artist invites the viewer to take a closer look at the never-ending growth of industrial and production areas and a vast man-made (anti-)fusion of nature and technology. Some of the connecting points and dependencies that might be discovered in the works seem random, inappropriate and irritating; on the other hand, they open space for new narratives to reflect the tense relationship between humans and nature. Wellmer works are balancing between technical entropy and ambivalent fusion of natural and artificial materials.

Marcelina Wellmer graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan/Poland in 2000 with a degree in video and drawing. She is a conceptual artist and photographer based in Berlin. As a media artist, she has been working with video, photography, objects and sound for the past 12 years, exploring symbiotic relations between people and interfaces of information exchange and media, exploring flawed processes of encoding and decoding. In photography, Wellmer explores the powerful influence of humans on the landscape, their technological dependence, and their isolation in a modern world. Wellmer was a recipient of several exhibition and travel grants, her works were showed in several exhibitions and conferences: University of California Santa Barbara, Centre de design de l’UQAM / Montreal / Canada, Transmediale / Berlin / Germany, ISEA / Vancouver/ Canada, Queensland University of Technology / Australia.

Marcelina Wellmers artistic research wird gefördert von / is supported by
Havremagasinet Länskonsthall Boden / Sweden
Swedish Lapland Air, Norrbotten Contemporary Art Development Center / Sweden
Neustart Kultur
The exhibition is hosted by NON Berlin and Meinblau Projektraum.













Eine Fotoausstellung mit Werken von

Suska Göldner, Tabita Hub, Chihiro Lia Ottsu, César Martins, Luke Montgomery, Annette Streicher und Johannis Wilden.
Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Do/Thr 20.10.2022 19h

Ausstellung // Duration
Do-So /Thr–Sun, 14–19h


Wenn sich die Tür der Dunkelkammer schließt und die Augen von einem diffusen Rot bedeckt sind, öffnet sich das Feld für zeitweilige Fahrten zwischen Dunkel und Hell.
Zum zweiten Mal in Folge holt die Ausstellung DUNKEL FELDER II die Ergebnisse dieser Reisen von Mitgliedern der Meinblau-Dunkelkammer wieder ans Tageslicht und lässt die Arbeiten der sieben Fotograf:innen in Dialoge treten.


When the door of the darkroom closes and the eyes are covered in a diffuse red, the field opens up for temporary journeys between dark and light.
For the second year in a row brings the exhibition DUNKEL FELDER II the results of these journeys by members of the Meinblau darkroom into daylight again and allows the works of the seven photographers to enter into dialogues.















Eine Gruppenausstellung kuratiert von Philipp Moritz
mit Arbeiten von

Matthias Dornfeld, Klaus Kamptner, Hilla Moritz, Peter Chevalier, Florian Rossmanith, Sebastian Dacey, Philipp Moritz

!! Veranstaltung am 13.10.2022 / 18 Uhr
Carsten Tabel “Die Leute”
Texte und Songs

Carsten Tabel, 1978 in Friedberg/Hessen geboren, ist Autor, Künstler und Filmemacher. Er studierte Fotografie an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig und Literarisches Schreiben am Deutschen Literaturinstitut Leipzig. Nach zwei eigenen Publikationen im LUBOK Verlag und Publikationen in zahlreichen Künstler*innen-Monografien, Ausstellungskatalogen und Literaturzeitschriften erschien 2022 der Tabels Debutroman "Vier Halbe Amerikaner“

Carsten Tabel liest kurze Prosatexte die er für andere geschrieben hat, dazu spielt und singt er kurze Lieder, die andere für ihn geschrieben haben.

Die Ausstellung RAUSCHEN läuft
vom 7.10 bis 16.10.2022
Donnerstag bis Sonntag 14 - 19 Uhr
















Oliver van den Berg, Chan Sook Choi, Costantino Ciervo, Sven Kalden, Sharon Paz, Joachim Seinfeld und Andreas Rost

kuratiert von Bernhard Draz

Eröffnung: Freitag, 5. August, 19:00 Uhr

6. bis 28. August 2022 | Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag bis Sonntag von 14 bis 19 Uhr

REZENSION der Ausstellung von Matthias Reichelt, Neues Deutschland vom 10.August 2022


Anlässlich der stetigen Zunahme der globalen Konfliktintensität und der aus ihr resultierenden Massenflucht, die aus europäischer Sicht ihren erschütternden Höhepunkt in der völkerrechtswidrigen Invasion der Ukraine findet, wird eine Ausstellung realisiert, die das Phänomen der überwiegend staatlich ausgeübten Gewalt aus unterschiedlichen kulturellen und historischen Perspektiven genreübergreifend bildkünstlerisch reflektiert.

Unter dem Titel HISTORIES OF VIOLENCE zeigen die Berliner Künstler*innen Oliver van den Berg, Chan Sook Choi, Costantino Ciervo, Sven Kalden, Sharon Paz, Joachim Seinfeld und Andreas Rost Positionen, bei der Geschichtsverfälschung, Kriegsverbrechen an Frauen, Besatzung, 9/11 und seine Folgen, Waffenkult und Kriegsflucht die thematischen Schwerpunkte bilden. Die Umsetzung erfolgt in Fotografie, Grafik, Bildhauerei, künstlerischen Archiven sowie konzeptueller Klang- und Videokunst.

Ziel des Projekts ist eine facettenreiche und zugleich fundierte Vermittlung der individuellen Inhalte in einer entsprechend raumästhetisch abgestimmten Umsetzung. Das Ausstellungskonzept setzt bewußt auf einen historischen Diskurs und lenkt den Fokus auf oftmals verdrängte und fast vergessene Gewaltverbrechen ab dem 19. Jahrhundert.

HISTORIES OF VIOLENCE wird gefördert von:


Meinblau Projektraum wird gefördert von:






Oliver van den Berg, Chan Sook Choi, Costantino Ciervo, Sven Kalden, Sharon Paz, Joachim Seinfeld and Andreas Rost

curated by Bernhard Draz

Opening: Friday, August 5, 7:00 p.m.

August 6 to 28, 2022

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 2 to 7 p.m.

Due to the steady increase in the intensity of global conflict and the mass exodus resulting from it, which from a European perspective finds its shattering climax in the invasion of Ukraine in violation of international law, an exhibition is being realized that reflects on the phenomenon of predominantly state-perpetrated violence from different cultural and historical perspectives in a cross-genre visual-artistic manner.

Under the title HISTORIES OF VIOLENCE, the Berlin artists Oliver van den Berg, Chan Sook Choi, Costantino Ciervo, Sven Kalden, Sharon Paz, Joachim Seinfeld and Andreas Rost will show positions in which the falsification of history, war crimes against women, occupation, 9/11 and its consequences, the cult of weapons and war flight form the thematic focal points. The realization takes place in photography, graphic art, sculpture, artistic archives as well as conceptual sound and video art.

The aim of the project is a multifaceted and at the same time well-founded mediation of the individual contents in an appropriately space-aesthetically coordinated implementation. The exhibition concept deliberately relies on a historical discourse and directs the focus to often suppressed and almost forgotten violent crimes from the 19th century onwards.



Meinblau Projektraum is funded by









Veranstaltet vom Kunstraum Aarau und Simon Berz
in der Ausstellung showdown@sunset von Timo Ullmann.

### Programm siehe unten ###




15. BIS 23. JULI 2022

Vernissage: Freitag 15. Juli, 19 Uhr
20 Uhr DeadLine, Soundperformance von RUMORI (Timo Ullmann / Micha Bietenhader)

Rundgang & Gespräch mit dem Künstler: Sonntag 17. Juli, 17 Uhr

Öffnungszeiten: 16. bis 23. Juli, täglich 14 bis 19 Uhr

In der Ausstellung «showdown@sunset» durchbohrt ein Pfeil einen iMac, eine Gitarre reist an den Rand des Weltalls und ein Computer in Berlin wurde mit einem zweiten in der Schweiz kurzgeschlossen. Der Schweizer Künstler Timo Ullmann lotet die Grenzen der verwendeten Technik und der eigenen Kontrolle aus, um gewohnte Verhaltensmuster zu hinterfragen und Unvorhergesehenes zu provozieren.
Im Foyer des Ausstellungsraumes treffen die Besuchenden auf einen zerstörten iMac, auf welchen der Künstler mit dem Pfeilbogen schoss. Die postdigitale Skulptur «showdown@sunset» spielt auf den Apfelschuss in der Wilhelm Tell Legende an und verweist auf einen Disput mit der Technik, welcher sich durch die unterschiedlichen Arbeiten der Ausstellung zieht. Den Soundtrack zur Ausstellung liefert eine fliegende Gitarre, welche im folgenden Raum an der Decke gezeigt wird. Für die Videoarbeit «strato(caster)sphere» haben Timo Ullmann und Marco Baltisberger, eine modifizierte Stratocaster E-Gitarre mit einem Wetterballon in die Stratosphäre befördert. Während der Ballonfahrt bespielte der Wind die Gitarrensaiten und erzeugte einen sphärischen Sound. Für die Videoarbeit «Screenshare», hat Timo Ullmann während einem Atelieraufenthalt seinen Computer in Berlin mit einem zweiten Zuhause in der Schweiz verbunden. Die beiden Rechner teilten sich über das Internet einen Bildschirm, wodurch eine Feedbackschleife entstand. Aus der Interaktion mit diesem eigendynamischen System entstanden abstrakte Videobilder und ein dichter Soundtrack.





Veranstaltet vom Kunstraum Aarau und Simon Berz
in der Ausstellung showdown@sunset von Timo Ullmann.

Simon Berz & Timo Ullmann: Stones’n Screens
Olivia Wiederkehr: pink.ponk.loud.
Strotter Inst.: Ein Bauer im Anzug
Randomized Issues (TR/DE)
Anschliessend Party mit DJ Fett

Dolanbay: An Untitled Doing, Berlin 2022
Emma Grün
Georg Werner: Fine Tuning
Gregory Hari: I want you so bad it's my only wish
Jérémy Chevalier: Chaosphonies
Lottie Sebes & Simon Berz: Veritas Ventriloquist / Rocking Desk





Neural Labyrinths – a performance installation

Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl, Liz Allbee, Ioana Vreme Moser, Anne Wellmer


save the date !! 2.7. 22 14h Performance with the artists!!

2.7. – 10.7.22 daily 14:00–20:00
Opening tour of the whole project: 2.7. from 14:00
Start: Meinblau Projektraum (Performance)

The sound installation Neural Labyrinths – a performance installation organized by singuhr-projekte at Meinblau Projektraum is a collective composition project by composers Alberto de Campo and Hannes Hoelzl with performer Liz Albee, composer Anne Wellmer and visual artist Ioana Vreme Moser. Fascinated by the balance between the simplicity of Tudor's devices and the subtle richness of their sonic potential, Alberto de Campo et al. design an interactive installation in which objects, loudspeakers, and control units distributed throughout the space form an interconnected neural network. Visitors can influence it via simple interfaces. In a performance at the opening of the work, the artists will wake up this sleeping monster for the visitors (2.7. at 2 pm).



unexpected territories – david tudor
Exhibitions, Concerts, Conference, Workshops
1.7. – 10.7.2022

The soundinstallation at Meinblau project space is part of the series »unexpected territories« by singuhr — projekte that explores the traces of the American interpreter, composer, performer and pioneer of live electronics David Tudor (1926-1996). Tudor is one of the central figures in the American and international music scene after the second world war.
The focus of »unexpected territories« is on the concrete-practical effects of Tudor's ideas, utopias and works in the present. Tudor's artistic companions, collaborators, selected sound artists and composers are invited to both re-perform Tudor’s works and reflect on David Tudor's works and concepts and to work with them in new artistic productions. The program presents five exhibitions, seven concerts, three workshops and a conference.


Meinblau Project Space, ACUD Gallery, Villa Elisabeth
Admission free
2.7. – 10.7., daily 14:00–20:00
Opening tour: 2.7. from 14:00
Start: Meinblau Projektraum with a Performance by Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl, Liz Allbee, Ioana Vreme Moser, Anne Wellmer











Documentation Üm


Matten Vogel

Curated by Bernhard Draz

Opening: Friday, June 24, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Duration: June 25 and 26, 2022

Opening hours: 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


The exhibition Documentation Üm by the painter Matten Vogel proves to be an almost selfless art project for the public. Originally conceived for the venerable Klempenow Castle, Üm now finds its continuation and expansion in the Meinblau Art Space on the Pfefferberg in Berlin.

Once again, visitors are offered the opportunity to participate in the ongoing creation of a monumental painting, as they are provided with a canvas colored in delicate pink tones to creatively work on and comment with thick markers. Matten Vogel discreetly observes and documents this creation story but takes the liberty of painting over the work every evening where the visitors have left their marks. In this way, since August 31, 2021, a multi-layered and uncontrollable painting with an open end has been created - a palimpsest.

Üm is supplemented by the eponymous video documentation of the entire process and image panels of past actions that the artist has defined as completed. Separately, a selection of his scratch paintings produced since March 2021 is also shown. Here Matten Vogel impulsively attacks canvases with pens stuck to his fingers, only to cover them later with contemplative fields of color. (bd)













Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Do/Thur, 05.05.2022, 19h

Ausstellung // Duration
06.-15.05. 2022

Do-So., 14–19 Uhr //
Thur–Sun, 2–7 pm
und nach Vereinbarung // and by appointment (



In his sculptural and video works Florian Goldmann investigates the term ‘catastrophe model’, referencing physical as well as virtual examples. The term ‘model’ is derived from the Latin ‘modulus,’ the diminutive of ‘modus,’ which translates as measure. Models are flexible references against which things may be compared. They can be set in proportion to the cosmos as a whole or to the scale of the human body. Modeling an event of catastrophe, generally considered incalculable and immeasurable, suggests that a measure can be given to the event despite its incalculability. Allocated allegedly concrete coordinates and denominated in quantifiables, the event would be circumscribed, localized, and made tangible in a representation to scale. Starting from observations at seemingly discrete places in Japan, in the years after the Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and the ensuing accident at the Fukushima power plant, the role that catastrophe modeling plays in the context of technical and economical development as well as its impact on the catastrophic side effects of these developments is questioned in the exhibition.

Florian Goldmann works in the fields of visual arts, artistic research and media theory. A major focus of his work is on the circumstances under which prominent narratives of history are established, concurrently omitting other potential narratives. He studied Sculpture, Media Art and Experimental Film in Edinburgh, Athens and in Berlin, at the University of Fine Arts. From 2014 to 2018 he was a fellow at the Research Training Centre ‘Visibility and Visualisation – Hybrid Forms of Pictorial Knowledge’ as well as the Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies at Potsdam University. Working with the collective STRATAGRIDS, contributions to publications and exhibitions were developed between 2012 and 2018. Goldmann’s works were shown in group and solo exhibitions in Germany and internationally, a.o. in Russia at the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art in 2017; in Japan at Nakanojo Biennial in 2019 and in Linz, Austria at Memphis Art Space in 2021.




The project is funded by The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media



Meinblau e.V. is funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltun g für Kultur und Europa











with works by 

Meltem Calisir, Manutcher Milani, Mauro Ventura, Lukas Stoever, Nicolas Endlicher, Cem Dukkha, Jiin Jeong

curated by Jiin Jeong and Mauro Ventura

Opening: Thursday, April 14, 2022,  7 pm

Opening Performance: Thursday, April 14, 2022, 8 pm
Mauro Ventura & Kiani Del Valle present „Forma", with Cem Dukkha and Gertrüda Gilyté

Duration: April 15 to April 24, 2022
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.


The exhibition ‘Waiting Room’ takes as its starting point the Buddhist notion of patience, a state merging the past and future into the present moment and triggering awareness. This deeper consciousness is reflected on both digitally and organically, with the question how can that which is unknown affect that which is now?

The seven artists Meltem Calisir, Manutcher Milani, Mauro Ventura, Lukas Stoever, Nicolas Endlicher, Cem Dukkha and Jiin Jeong will show works visualising the hyperaware state of patience, taking as their inspiration concepts such as memory cards primed for data loading and the transcendental nature of ancient bodies, which transport and kill culture by leaving and erasing traces on its print. Explorations are taken into ways we evoke simultaneously the past and future, for instance the transportive characteristics of hallucigenia. The Waiting Room becomes a limbo time sustainer where we are confronted with a virtual idea of ancestry, and a purgatory of existential sigils.


(Beth Cherryman)


The selected works include painting, sculpture, installation, media art and performance art. 

image credtis:  Jiin Jeong, Untitled, 2021. 1-ch.Video, 3’57”, Color, Sound. Photo: Artist


/organised by NON Berlin


Venue: Meinblau Projektraum, Pfefferberg Haus 5, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin









DEZ – 2

Herzlich willkommen zur letzten Ausstellung des Jahres 2021!

Mit Werken von

Volker Andresen I Dolanbay I Bernhard Draz I Markus Krieger I anna onno gatial I Bert Gosen I Marie Jakupovic
Beatrix Grohmann I Ulli Grötz I Maria Hinze I Peter Hintz I Sonja Hohenbild I Sybille Hotz IFernando Ninõ-Sanchez
Wilken Schade I Astrid Schneider I Dolgor Serod I Olivia Pils I Graziella Tomasi I Nasira Turganbay I Franziska Vollborn
Samstag und Sonntag // Saturday and Sunday 18. + 19.12. 2021

Sa / Sat 16:00 – 20:00 h
So / Sun 14:00 – 18:00 h

(2G + Maske)











Dunkel Felder

a photo exhibition with works by

Suska Göldner, Tabita Hub, Chihiro Lia Ottsu,

César Martins, Luke Montgomery, Annette Streicher


Vernissage Friday , 26.11.2021 18 – 22 Uhr 

Duration 27.11. – 05.12.2021
Wednesday til Sunday 14 – 19 Uhr


When the door of the darkroom closes and the eyes are covered in a diffuse red, the field opens up for temporary journeys between dark and light. The exhibition Dunkel Felder brings the results of these journeys into daylight again and allows the works of six photographers to enter into dialogues.


An exhibition by the Meinblau photo darkroom

image credits: Chihiro Lia Ottsu 2021 (photo montage Tabita Hub)


Corona measures:

Opening Friday 26.11.21 2 G + mask

opening hours 3 G + mask









Foibles of a Reconstruction by Trong Gia Nguyen

Cracked Mobile #5 © Trong Gia Nguyen, iron, enamel, gypsum, wood 240 x 166 x 13.3 cm, 2019

Künstlerische Leitung: Phuong Phan
Ort: Meinblau Projektraum, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Vernissage: Freitag, 03. September 2021, 19:00 Uhr
Laufzeit: 4. bis 26. September 2021
Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 14:00 bis 19:00 Uhr 

Im September präsentiert NON Berlin Foibles of a Reconstruction, die erste Einzelausstellung des Vietnamesisch-US-amerikanischen Künstlers Trong Gia Nguyen in Berlin. Im Zentrum der Ausstellung steht eine Reihe von ortspezifischen Installationen und Arbeiten, die sich mit der Fragmentierung einer größeren kollektiven Psyche befassen und diese mit Begriffen wie strukturellem Verfall und dem Zusammenbruch der Kommunikation in Verbindung bringen. Auf einer tieferen Ebene untersuchen die Arbeiten, wo Macht gewonnen und verloren wird. Ausgehend von populistischem Nativismus oder poetischen Versen führt das, was nicht verstanden werden kann, zu Entfremdung und Angst und zu einer Abkehr von Empathie und Menschlichkeit, was letztendlich zu den Extremen kultureller Polarisierung und roher Gewalt führt. Im Mittelpunkt der Ausstellung sind zwei ortspezifische architektonische Installationen, die sich direkt mit der Debatte um die aktuellen Covid-Reisepässe für geimpfte Reisende auseinandersetzen. Nguyen nutzt die beiden elektronischen Codes – einen QR-Code und einen UPC-oder Strichcode, die ihm für seine beiden Impfungen bei Pfizer ausgestellt wurden und verwandeln die digitalen Stempel in Strukturen. Dabei thematisiert er die Universalität dieser Sprache, aber auch die Undurchsichtigkeit ihrer Unlesbarkeit für den menschlichen Verstand. Andere Arbeiten in der Ausstellung führen den Betrachter in ähnlicher Weise zu einem Moment der Selbstreflexion vor silbernen und schwarzen Spiegeln und setzen sich mit allem auseinander, von Waffengewalt und politischer Korruption bis hin zu digitalen Daten, und verinnerlichtem Rassismus und der Zerbrechlichkeit von Sprache.
Corona-Auflagen für den Besuch der Ausstellungen:
- Termine vor Ort möglich
- Zutritt ist mit FFP2-Maske möglich und wir erstellen eine Anwesenheitsdokumentation (in Papierform vor Ort)


Foibles of a Reconstruction by Trong Gia Nguyen
Curator: Phuong Phan
Location: Meinblau Projektraum, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Opening: Friday, September 3, 2021, 7 p.m.
Duration: September 4 to September 26, 2021
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

With Foibles of a Reconstruction, NON Berlin presents Trong Gia Nguyen’s first solo exhibition in Berlin. The Vietnamese-American artist assembles a series of site-specific installations and works that consider the fragmentation of a larger collective psyche, associating it with notions of structural decline and the breakdown of communication. At a deeper root, the works examine where power is gain and lost. Whether starting from populist nativism or poetic verse, what cannot be understood leads to alienation and fear, and even a disconnection with empathy and humanity, ultimately resulting in the extremities of cultural polarization and brute violence. The central components of the exhibition are two site-specific architectural installations that directly consider the debate around current Covid travel passports for vaccinated travellers. Utilizing the two electronic codes – one a QR code and the other a UPC or bar code – issued to him for his two Pfizer vaccination appointments, Nguyen transforms the digital stamps into structures that evoke the universality of that language, and also the opaque nature of their unreadability to the human mind. Other works in the exhibition similarly navigate the viewer towards a moment of self-reflection against silver and black mirrors, contending with everything from gun violence and political corruption, to digital data, internalized racism, and the frailty of language.

Corona regulations for visiting the exhibitions:
- slots on site available
- Access to the exhibitions is permitted with a FFP2 mask and and we have to do an attendance documentation
Organized by
NON Berlin – Asia contemporary art platform

Supported by

Ort // Venue
Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5,
Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz







Kahee Jeong, kate-hers RHEE, Florian Bong-kil Grosse, Tae Woo Kang, Eric Strelow


Künstlerische Leitung: Bernhard Draz
Ort: Meinblau Projektraum, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Vernissage: Freitag, 30. Juli 2021, 19:00 Uhr
Laufzeit: 31. Juli bis 22. August 2021
Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag bis Sonntag, 14:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

Das Ausstellungsprojekt 중 Focus South Korea reflektiert die Republik Korea vornehmlich aus der Sicht ethnischer Koreaner*innen, die im Westen aufgewachsen sind und sich in ihrem künstlerischen Schaffen explizit mit ihrer originären Herkunft beschäftigen.

Die fünf Künstler*innen Kahee Jeong, kate-hers RHEE, Tae Woo Kang, Florian Bong-kil Grosse und Eric Strelow zeigen Arbeiten zur bis heute andauernden, kriegsbedingten menschlichen Verletzung des koreanischen Volkes, Visualisierungen der koreanischen Philosophie in abendländischer Maltradition, fotokünstlerische und konzeptuelle Interpretationen des urbanen Lebens und schließlich auch feministische Positionen, die mittels naturalistischer wie abstrakter Darstellungen die noch immer stark patriarchal strukturierte Gesellschaft Südkoreas künstlerisch interpretieren und kritisch hinterfragen.
Ziel des Projektes ist eine künstlerische Vermittlung der südkoreanischen Kultur und Gesellschaft jenseits des populären Mainstreams, der hierzulande in erster Linie durch K-Pop, Fernsehserien und Gastronomie Gefallen findet.

Die ausgewählten Arbeiten umfassen nahezu das gesamte bildkünstlerische Spektrum. Malerei, Fotografie, Skulptur, Installation, Video- und Konzeptkunst werden gleichermaßen bedacht und raumästhetisch in die besondere Architektur des Meinblau Projektraums eingebettet.

Mit der freundlichen Unterstützung der Stiftung Pfefferwerk


Kahee Jeong, kate-hers RHEE, Florian Bong-kil Grosse, Tae Woo Kang, Eric Strelow

Curator: Bernhard Draz
Location: Meinblau Projektraum, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Opening: Friday, July 30, 2021, 7 p.m.
Duration: July 31 to August 22, 2021
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The exhibition 중 Focus South Korea reflects on the Republic of Korea primarily from the perspective of ethnic Koreans who grew up in the West and explicitly deal with their actual origins in their artistic work.

The five artists Kahee Jeong, kate-hers RHEE, Tae Woo Kang, Florian Bong-kil Grosse and Eric Strelow will show works on the human injury of the Korean people caused by the war, which continues to this day, visualizations of Korean philosophy in the occidental painting tradition, photo-artistic and conceptual interpretations of urban life, and finally also feminist positions, which artistically interpret and critically question the still strongly patriarchally structured society of South Korea by means of naturalistic and abstract depictions.
The aim of the project is an artistic mediation of South Korean culture and society beyond the popular mainstream, which finds favor in this country primarily through K-pop, television series and gastronomy.

The selected works cover almost the entire visual arts spectrum. Painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and conceptual art are given equal consideration and are embedded in the special architecture of the Meinblau Projektraum in terms of spatial aesthetics.

With the kind support of Stiftung Pfefferwerk

Vor Ort bitten wir um die Einhaltung der aktuell geltenden Corona-Regeln.
On site, we ask for compliance with the currently applicable Corona rules.


Ort // Venue
Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5,
Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz






PATTERNS by Sven Kalden

Bookrelease (Preview) and exhibit presentation

Künstlerische Leitung // curator: Bernhard Draz | Laudatio // speech: Matthias Reichelt

Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Do., 15. Juli 2021 19 Uhr // Thu., July 15, 2021 from 7 pm

Ausstellung // Duration
16.07.–18.07. 2021

Fr.-So., 14–19 Uhr //
Fri. - Sun., 2–7 pm

Motiv: Guthaben–Schlechthaben, Sven Kalden, 2018

Phänomene des exponentiellen Wachstums sind uns nicht erst seit der Corona-Pandemie bekannt. Aber erst seit den exponentiell ansteigenden Fallzahlen wurde die Diskussion um die Dynamik dieser Prozesse populär.

Sven Kalden beschäftigt sich seit einigen Jahren in seinen plastischen Arbeiten mit exponentiellen Wachstumsverläufen und deren Folgen bezogen auf das Wirtschafts- und Geldsystem. Anlässlich seiner Buchvorstellung PATTERNS zeigt er eine Auswahl an Arbeiten, die in ihren plastischen, medialen und graphischen Umsetzungen eine klare Form finden, um die schwer greifbaren Verläufe dieser Prozesse aufzuzeigen.

PATTERNS zeigt wichtige Arbeiten Kaldens aus einem Zeitraum von mehr als 20 Jahren. Neben dem Wachstumsbegriff sind Fragmentierung, Auflösung und Vereinzelung zentrale Aspekte, die immer wieder aufgegriffen werden. Des Weiteren spielen mediale Referenzen, insbesondere zur Filmgeschichte, und künstlerische Vorbilder wichtige Rollen. Sven Kaldens Ansatz, gesellschaftliche Konflikte anhand einfacher Formen, Muster oder Vorlagen herauszuarbeiten, führt zu einem Spannungsverhältnis, in dem sich die offene Form und der gesellschaftspolitische Kontext gegenseitig aufladen und erweitern.

Die Publikation PATTERNS erscheint im Verlag für moderne Kunst VFMK, Wien

Der Grafiker Michael Rudolph/Milchhof hat das Buch gestaltet.

Mit Texten von Matthias Reichelt (Hrsg.), Sabine Winkler, Shlomit Baumann, Boris Abel, Bernd Senf und Rainer Mausfeld.


Phenomena of exponential growth are not only known to us since the Corona pandemic. But only since the exponentially increasing number of cases the discussion about the dynamics of these processes became popular.

Sven Kalden has been dealing with exponential growth processes and their consequences related to the economic and monetary system in his plastic works for several years. On the occasion of his book presentation PATTERNS he shows a selection of works that find a clear form in their plastic, medial and graphic realizations to show the elusive progressions of these processes.

PATTERNS shows important works by Kalden from a period of more than 20 years. In addition to the concept of growth, fragmentation, dissolution, and isolation are central aspects that are taken up again and again. Furthermore, media references, especially to film history, and artistic role models are important. Sven Kalden's approach of elaborating social conflicts on the basis of simple forms, patterns or templates leads to a relationship of tension in which the open form and the socio-political context mutually charge and expand each other.

The publication PATTERNS is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst VFMK, Vienna.

The graphic artist Michael Rudolph/ Milchhof designed the book.

With texts by Matthias Reichelt (ed.), Sabine Winkler, Shlomit Baumann, Boris Abel, Bernd Senf and Rainer Mausfeld.

Vor Ort bitten wir um die Einhaltung der aktuell geltenden Corona-Regeln.
On site, we ask for compliance with the currently applicable Corona rules.

Ort // Venue
Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5,
Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz






ABSENT – Paintings and Objects

Gabriele Herzog, Laurence Grave, Pascal Brateau, Andreas Burger, Michel Carmantrand,
Simon English, Tom Früchtl, Stefan Schröter, Russel Webb, Tobias Wenzel

Curated by Michel Carmantrand

Ausstellungseröffnung // Opening
Mi., 23. Juni 2021 15-21 Uhr // Wed., June 23, 2021 from 3 pm

Ausstellung // Duration
24.06.–27.06. 2021

Do.-So., 14–19 Uhr //
Thu. - Sun., 2–7 pm



Even a cardboard box may stare at us, but for that it must not only be isolated, but also hollow, empty, as if absence, relative to its function, was the condition of its subjective presence. Actually absence is not lack but the negative of the full. As in photography, like an X-ray or a scanner, it is through the inversion of values that the image is revealed, by unveiling the sentimental, cultural and consensual flow with which we generally overload it. It is therefore a form of decryption, of reading, which doesn't pretend to reach any truth whatsoever, but by designating the voids to register the flesh without stopping at the skin. Always a story of surfaces, but of internal surface, the shape of organs.

Michel Carmantrand






Vor Ort bitten wir um die Einhaltung der aktuell geltenden Corona-Regeln.
On site, we ask for compliance with the currently applicable Corona rules.

Ort // Venue
Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5,
Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz









sound spaces berlin – 25 years of singuhr



»elephant meditations« – Sound installation by Julio Lugon
28.05. — 13.06. 2021

at Meinblau Projektraum, Christinenstraße 18/19, 10179 Berlin
Wed - Sun 14-20h

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, singuhr — projects is presenting the three-week double exhibition »sound spaces berlin«. 

In the Meinblau project space, media artist Julio Lugon will show his sound installation »elephant meditations«.

The exhibition is dedicated to an artist of the new generation — and at the same time protagonists of the »new« Berlin. Julio Lugon, who comes from Peru, completed his Master's degree in Sound Studies at the UdK in Berlin in 2019. His projects deal with thematic fields from philosophy as well as with the challenges arising from social and ecological issues. In his installation »elephant meditations«, Lugon creates a dystopian-fictional narrative. Julio Lugon has continuously developed the work since its first presentation in Bonn in 2019 — and especially in view of the current global crisis situation. He will present a new version as part of sound spaces berlin«.

Sound installation by Rolf Julius 
28.05. — 13.06. 2021
at Parochialkirche, Klosterstraße, Berlin-Mitte, Wed - Sun 14-20h

At Parochialkirche »sound spaces berlin« dedicates a special event to the Berlin artist Rolf Julius, who died in 2011, in the Parochial church, the founding location of singuhr — hoergalerie. »sound spaces berlin« presents a re-enactment of his sound installation »Musik, weiter entfernt«, which Julius realised in 1999 in the nave of Berlin's Parochial Church. Julius wrote about his installation in 1999: »What fascinates me about the Parochial Church is its unfinishedness and its unambiguity as an architectural interior. What one mainly senses is emptiness, height, distance. I want to show this space in its acoustic beauty, make it a theme and emphasise it musically. The space itself will act as an instrument.« Rolf Julius is considered one of the most important protagonists of sound art in Berlin and worldwide.


Corona regulations for visiting the exhibitions :

- negative Covid 19 test or a confirmation that you are vaccinated already is mandatory

- Access to the exhibitions is permitted with a FFP2 mask and and we have to do an attendance documentation



Organized by singuhr e.v.
Funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur), Musikfonds, die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien. With the kind support of Evangelische Kirchengemeinde St. Petri-St. Marien and Meinblau e.V.









photographs by Charlotte Menin

Opening on Thursday, 10/15/2020, from 2 pm
exhibition 10/16 — 11/8/2020


Adventure, making money, taking drugs, surviving, growing up. They’ve cleared the first hurdles, and already they think they’ve made it. They’re fourteen, mostly a little older, but at times only nine or ten years old. When the fates of kids who are no longer children, but still far from adulthood, hit up against one of the world’s most strongly guarded borders. Hope, failure, progress: risking everything. These kids become tangled up in history’s intricate machinations. The descendants of a once-occupied people who resisted and were punished in the extreme are now knocking at our doors. The old colonial stigmata stick to them more stubbornly than the motor oil of the ships and trucks that offer them refuge on their path to the future. They are Harraga – the boys who break through boundaries (literally: those who burn). They are the children on the southern border, Europe’s southern border.
For over five years, Charlotte Menin has been accompanying and taking portraits of them in the Spanish enclave of Melilla. The photographs offer insight into the everyday life of these young migrants while calling into question photography’s Eurocentric gaze.




The exhibition is part of the official program of
and Monats der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2020


Opening hours
10/16 — 11/8/2020
Thu — Sun, 2 — 7 pm
Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5
Christinenstraße 18-19
10119 Berlin

- Please be aware that all SARS-CoV-2 public health regulations are
  in effect for the exhibition.
- A facemask must be worn in order to enter and visit the sites.
- The number of visitors is limited.



Martin Riches – Knocking & Turning


Double Exhibition
Meinblau Project Space and ACUD Gallery
10.09. — 27.09. 2020

Over the course of the past fifty years, Martin Riches has created over sixty kinetic sculptures and sound installations. Born in England and based in Berlin since 1969, Riches’ artistic output has made him a living legend in the world of kinetic sound art. With »Martin Riches: Knocking & Turning«, singuhr — projekte is now delighted to place two Berlin premieres of Riches’ work centre stage, in a double exhibition at Meinblau Project Space and the ACUD Gallery, featuring the installation »Interactive Field« (1999-2004) as well as »Knock on Wood« (2019), a sound installation developed in collaboration with composer Tom Johnson.

Tom Johnson/Martin Riches: Knock on Wood (Meinblau Projet Space)
The installation »Knock on Wood« at Meinblau Project Space consists of five spatially arranged groups of wood percussion instruments which play their own melodies — automatically, simultaneously and completely independently of one another. The varying lengths of the compositions continually yield new combinations of instruments and sonic layers, in a musical flow that is only occasionally interrupted by periods of silence. Johnson’s graphic scores, featuring circular motifs, are also displayed on the walls of the space for closer inspection.


Please visit at ACUD Gallery:
Martin Riches: Interactive Field (ACUD Gallery)
»Interactive Field« at the ACUD Gallery is a pioneering piece in Riches’ series of mecha-sonic ballets. The installation consists of a six-by-six arrangement of black-and-white panels on a table, each set in motion by stepping motors, which simultaneously serve as the sole sources of sound. The repertoire of »Interactive Field« is impressive, ranging from short, jerky movements to dialogically flowing sequences. What’s more: due to its ability to react to guests and their movements at the table, the piece affords viewers the opportunity to engage in a playful, interactive encounter with sound and motion.

Konrad Sprenger: Playing the Sound Box (Sound Performance, ACUD Studio)
The exhibition will also feature an evening of special performances by Konrad Sprenger at ACUD Studio (on Friday, 18 September, at 19:00/20:00/21:00 respectively). The Berlin based musician and composer is known for combining mechanical and electronic elements in many of his works. In this roughly half-hour solo performance, Sprenger will present his computer-controlled multi-channel electric guitar, wherein the strings are made to oscillate using various electronically controlled mechanical processes. In addition, Sprenger will be playing Martin Riches’ »Sound Box« (1985), featuring a windchest built by Riches for the intonation of organ pipes, equipped with 3 pedals and 4 registers, as well as the sound installation »Ein Ton« (1987) for three labial pipes, all tuned to approximately the same low note.

Organised by singuhr e.v.
With funding and support from the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., Musikfonds, die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien and the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur).
Made possible with the friendly support of ACUD MACHT NEU and Meinblau e.V.

10.09. — 27.09.2020
Wed — Sun 14:00 — 20:00
Admission free of charge


Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5
Christinenstraße 18-19
10119 Berlin

ACUD Galerie/ ACUD Studio
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin


- Please be aware that all SARS-CoV-2 public health regulations are in effect for the exhibition.
- A facemask must be worn in order to enter and visit the sites.
- The number of visitors is limited.
- There will be NO VERNISSAGE.

The Guardians of Cabinets

Solo show by Jina Park


Opening: Friday, 14 August 2020, 3 pm

Artist talk: Saturday, 22 August 2020, 4 pm
by Jina Park (Artist), Anan Lee (AR Design) and Isabelle Meiffert (Curator)

Exhibition Duration: 15 August – 30 August 2020
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2 – 7 pm


In The Guardians of Cabinets, a solo exhibition by Jina Park, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in their personal cabinet of curiosities.
Combining painting with augmented reality, the exhibition interrogates our relationship to foreign cultures.
Jina Park’s artistic process begins with collecting animals, plants, sculptures, and other objects from a wide variety of countries and epochs.
Taking them from museums, zoos, and botanical gardens, which often have an imperialist history, Park appropriates these sometimes violently collected objects and creatures and recasts them as symbols of the satisfaction of individual desire. She then decontextualizes and transforms them into dreamlike, surreal paintings.
For the first time in The Guardians of Cabinets, Park combines her paintings with site-specific augmented reality technology to create an immersive event.
In its form as a self-critical cabinet of curiosities, this multimedia exhibition not only interrogates the ideas of collection, exhibition, and our taste for sensationalism
but also offers an intelligent and sensual experience and suggests promising possibilities for the extension of painting in the digital age.

curated by Isabelle Meiffert

AR Design: Anan Lee
Design: Dokho Shin


Organized by NON Berlin

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


The exhibition is accessible according to the currently valid hygiene regulations.









milleseicento passi

23.07. bis 02.08.2020

Opening Wednesday, 22.07.2020 at 7 pm

:::Artists from Milchhof at Meinblau Projektraum:::

Berthold Bock, Saskia Buwert, Jan Gottschalk, Marc Haselbach, Wojtek Hoeft, Andreas Knäbel, Maruska Mazza, Regina Mielich, Silvia Nettekoven, Torsten Prothmann, Peter Scior, Carlos Silva, Elisabeth Sonneck, Beate Spitzmüller, Wiebke Maria Wachmann, Marcus Wittmers.

Opening Hours Thur-Sun,2-7 pm 


Milleseicento passi – 1600 Schritte zwischen Meinblau und Milchhof, zwei Projekträume der Freien Szene für Kunst und Kultur inmitten Berlins: Durch kulturpolitisch aktuelle Ausstellungen sorgen wir für eine soziale und künstlerische Identität. Die Vernetzungen der Standorte und der Austausch untereinander ist uns besonders wichtig, da derzeit immer mehr Projekträume in der Berliner Mitte verschwinden. Wir laden herzlich zu diesem künstlerischen Nachbarschaftsprojekt ein!


Milleseicento passi – 1600 Steps between Meinblau and Milchhof, two project spaces of the independent art and culture scene in the heart of Berlin: Through current cultural-political exhibitions, we create a social and artistic identity. The networking of the locations and the exchange among each other is particularly important to us, since more and more project spaces are currently disappearing in the middle of Berlin. We cordially invite you to this artistic neighbourhood project!








OFFENES HAUS 6.+ 7. Juni 2020

 !! We open our studio space with artspring again !!

Sat 6th + Sun 7th JUNE 2020   14-18h

Meinblau Projektraum, Pfefferberg Haus 5, Christinenstrasse 18-19, 10119 Berlin

U 2 Senefelder Platz


With works by:


Andreas Burger

César Martins

Bernhard Draz

Anne Hölck

Marie Jakupoviç

Peter Hintz (Guest)

Markus Krieger

/  /














-the heartbeat & myocardial contraction-
curated by: Maria Hinze
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------
Kimberley de Jong, Jason Sharp, Laura Fong Prosper, Aidan Girt, Maria Hinze, Kevin Doria, Christian Söder, Mike Moya, Alisa Resnik, Eric Craven, Nick Kuepfer, Gambletron, Johnny Nawracaj, Markus Krieger, Philippe Leonard, Kalyani Hemphill,
Nele Brönner, Carola Schimek, Paul Gregor, Camilla Richter, Franziska Lutze, Judith Rudolf

Ausstellungseröffnung / Opening
Sat., 7 March, 2020, 7 pm

Ausstellung / Exhibition hours:
Sun. / Mon., 8 - 9 March, 12:00 am - 07:00 pm



Program for the Opening Sat., 7 March, 2020, 7 pm:

Carola Schimek Das Versprechen einer Herzklappe

Kimberley de Jong, Jason Sharp ( Constellation Records )
premiere the dance piece
The Day the Wild cried

Performance Tape Machine:
Nick Kuepfer ( Constellation Records )
Frequency of Grouse Wings

DJ: Ai Ris ( Korallbar, Hamburg ) / Bar: Moviemiento


Tension of Human Life / Herzschwingen

I want you to have a confrontation with something that is real - Heartbeat
Special thank you to Milford Graves

The exhibition Herzschwingen sets out to portray different artists across different mediums who utilize the heartbeat as the essence of their new pieces, performances and live music. Several of the exhibited works garner first-time international attention, such as those of Kimberley de Jong and Jason Sharp's The Day the Wild cried. The project draws inspiration from the New York-based artist Milford Graves. The tension of life finds temporary solace in rhythms, which are constantly in time with the tempo of movement. This creates a music that adapts and transforms to the rhythms of life.

The project Tension of Human Life - The Heartbeat and Myocardial Contraction brings together artists from Montreal and Berlin in a musical-performative and scientific-medical context. Artistic works will be developed in the Meinblau project space as part of a creative and interprofessional exchange. Experimental music and dance, in combination with visual arts, installation and new media, enter the dialog with results produced by the ultrasound of the heart's echo as a medical practice - with the aim of visualizing the heartbeat - and opens up a lively and colorful discussion around the subject.

Below is an insight into the rationale behind the artistic choices. The invited artists bring together four elements: Flow, Velocity, Tempo and Rhythm. The project seeks to occupy a space wherein various artistic expressions and medical techniques and methods of examining the heart, together with artistic thinking on the heartbeat and creative methods can be adressed. The artists illuminate the use of the specific technology to monitor the heart, thereby advancing the viewer's understanding of how the heart is indeed a source for music and art. The project emphasizes the interdependence between these mediums by exposing how rhythms and pulse always exist within us, and how they are made audible and visible with the aid of technology. Music and art serve as a means of feedback while offering potential methods to work with the heartbeat from many different perspectives.

Maria Hinze / Mike Kitcher


the exhibition is granted by: 
Canada Council of the Arts

with the friendly support by:
Meinblau e.V
Eidotech GmbH








The Last Waltz - General Public in Exile

A glamorous and discursive four day event covering 10 years of practice 2005-2015

19–22 February 2020


General Public is pleased to invite you to its final series of events at Meinblau Projektraum on the occasion of the launch of the book: General Public 2005–2015, published at Adocs Hamburg. Come and celebrate with us The Last Waltz for the legendary non-profit space General Public which hosted over 400 artists in the defining days of Berlin between 2005 and 2015. The book launch is framed by an exhibition, a critical discursive event on possible practices and politics in Berlin and a night of performances.






The Last Waltz – General Public in exile at Meinblau
Christinenstraße 18/19
D-10119 Berlin

A glamorous and discursive four day event covering 10 years of practice

19–22 February 2020

The exhibition Politics of Friendship / Politik der Freundschaft is open through Feb 20–22, 2–7 pm


Wednesday, 19 February
7 - 9 pm

Exhibition opening and book-launch of General Public 2005–2015, published at Adocs Hamburg

7.00 Exhibition opening Politics of Friendship / Politik der Freundschaft
Artists: Ulf Aminde, David Hanes, Stef Heidhues, Naomi Hennig, Michel Laurent, Sofia Lomba, Eva Maria Offermann, Anike Joyce Sadiq
Invited by Michael Schultze and DFS

7.30 Bookrelease General Public 2005–2015 ed. by Naomi Hennig und Anna-Lena Wenzel

8.00 Performance Ode To 2 by Jeremiah Day


Thursday 20 February
7 - 9 pm

Town Hall Meeting 2

7.00 Reading of the transcript of the Town Hall Meeting from the 24 October 2014 at Ausland.
7..30 So so, Berlin! Oder: Wo wären wir, wenn es uns jetzt gäbe? (Town Hall Meeting 2)

Contributors: Jochen Becker (Metro Zones), Jeniffer Bennett (Kunst Block), Johannes Braun (Acud Macht Neu), Marco Clausen (Prinzessinnengärten), Diffrakt | Zentrum für theoretische Peripherie, Matthias Einhoff (ZK/U), Joerg Franzbecker (Berliner Hefte), Maurus Gmür (Gmür), Xenia Helms (Zentrale Randlage, Freies Radio Berlin), Tobias Herold (Ausland), Andrea Caroline Keppler (District * School without Center),
Christophe Knoch (ex Koalition d. Freien Szene), Severine Marguin (TU Berlin), Marina Naprushkina (Neue Nachbarschaft), Nic, Sim (Sign, Ciat), Ute Müller-Tischler (Bezirksamt Mitte), Regine Rapp (Art Laboratory Berlin), Sakrowski (, Allegra Solitude (Liebig12), Cleo Wächter (Tier Space Berlin). Moderation: Heimo Lattner und Cornelia Lund


Saturday 22 February 2020
7.00 pm - late

A glamorous night of Performances and the last party General Public will ever host!!

Anike Joyce Sadiq Visited by a Tiger, 2019 (Musik: Lamin Fofana)
Mark Emblem How to shoot heroin
Discoteca Flaming Star (Moran Beeg, CGB, Sofia Lomba, Sara Pereira, WM, Catriona Shaw), Love To Love You Baby 2
Krista Papista Ethnopapistogy

DJanes: Napa + Friends


General Public at

Meinblau Projektraum
Christinenstraße 18/19

Pfefferberg Haus 5
D-10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz





Gefördert durch das Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin








OPENING: JAN 18, 2020, 7 - 10 PM

EXHIBITION: JAN 19, 2020 - FEB 2, THU - SUN, 2 - 7 PM


In cooperation with the Movement Disorders and Body Control Group of the Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation Unit, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Meinblau e.V.
Supported by VolkswagenStiftung
Part of the official program of Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM


Artists Ka Hee Jeong and Reece Cox were invited to engage with recent neurological research by the Movement Disorders and Body Control Group at Charité Universitätsmedizin. With no instruction other than to reference the movement disorder of dystonia and current research, Jeong and Cox independently produced radically divergent projects. Dystonia is a complex neurological disorder wherein the affected person suffers involuntary muscle contractions leading to movements and abnormal postures.

Jeong’s piece, Oceanic Feeling, is a video and environmental installation. Jeong approaches the research at Charité with a focus on corporeal experience, or more specifically, the sensation of a body that acts against itself as in the case of dystonia. In Jeong’s video, a section of digitally rendered ocean floats in abyssal black space. A sparse, emotive soundscape grows in intensity as Jeong delivers a monologue of fear and anxiety induced by one’s own body, “I turn my head repeatedly. Eventually, my head will spiral out of my shoulders.” While the intensity of the video rises and falls, the room is heated and cooled, heightening awareness of the viewer’s own body. Jeong complements Oceanic Feeling with an additional video work, which portrays the god Pan as the bearer of panic, and further artifacts that document the natural distortions of materials through time.

Cox’s work, Variable Synthetics, takes an altogether different approach, drawing from the research process in order to produce a piece of original music. The research carried out at the Movement Disorders and Body Control Group produced an enormous amount of data in the form of long spreadsheets filled with numbers. While scientists examine the data in hopes of discovering novel truths, Cox instrumentalizes this process to new dramatized and speculative ends. Cox invents means of transposing the data, rendering them into a musical score. Using synthetic sounds and room recordings taken during select experiments, the resulting composition is a colorful, experimental sound piece riddled with psychoacoustic phenomena, elevating the subjective nature of the work from its status as empirical data.










The DEZember-Show at Meinblau project space

Sat. December 14, 2019 from 4 pm, party from 9 pm
Sun., December 15, 2019, 2 - 7 pm

with works by:
Volker Andresen, Regina Assmann, Nele Brönner, Eva Carbó,
Niki Elbe, Beatrix Grohmann, Anna Onno Gatial, Ulli Grötz,
Anja Helbing,Maria Hinze, Peter Hintz, Sonja Hohenbild,
Nik Jooazadi, Olivia Pils, Marie Jakupovic, Markus Krieger,
Michael Lapkus, Ibon Quintano, Fernando Niño-Sanchez,
Astrid Schneider, Joachim Seinfeld, Dolger Ser-Od,
Sean Smuda, Judith Rudolf, Nasira Turganbaj, Franziska Vollborn,
Karl Vollborn, Graziella Tomasi and Kathinka Willinek













A new exhibition by the Silence Project

curated by Nina Backman


Sigurður Guðmundsson, Johan Zetterqwist, René Holm, Topi Ruotsalainen, Nina Backman, Lise Bjòrne Linnert, Jalal Sepher

together with limited edition prints by Marina Abramovic, Gilbert & George, Chiharu Shiota, Meret Oppenheim, John Cage and John Baldessari presented by artflash


Opening : 22.November 2019, 19h

23.11.- 08.12.2019

Thur-Sun 2-7pm


SIGURÐUR GUÐMUNDSSON Self-portrait, 1978.

The Silence Project`s new exhibition Mind the Gap explores the cleft between polarities. It sets out to draw our attention to space between binary pairs – a space that is too often infused with tension, taboo and silence.

Mind the Gap – represents a pertinent and timely opportunity to ask ourselves how we want to navigate across a landscape of gaps. Through engaging in a visual dialogue about difference and indifference, visibility and invisibility and between the version´s of contemporary masculinity, the exhibition invites us to reflect on our own attitudes as well as to foster an attitude of keen curiosity when contemplating the other side.

Over the years, the Silence Project has produced a series of rotating exhibitions broadly related to silence. Silence represents the frame, the connecting factor. And it is against this backdrop that nordic, as well as international artists, have come together to show their work.
The exhibition Mind the Gap curated by Nina Backman sets into relation works of artists Sigurður Guðmundsson, Johan Zetterqwist, René Holm, Topi Ruotsalainen, Nina Backman, Lise Bjòrne Linnert, Jalal Sepher together with limited edition prints by Marina Abramovic, Gilbert & George, Chiharu Shiota, Meret Oppenheim, John Cage and John Baldessari.

The limited edition prints are provided by Berlin and Los Angeles-based artflash, an online-gallery offering bi-weekly new sought-after works from acclaimed contemporary artists and emerging talents.

The exhibition includes an essay from Mika Hannula.

The exhibition's special events will be announced here and on the website

Press contact:

Nina Backman , tel: 0176 30715153


Katharina Bauckhage,, 030-4444897 (german) (english)

The Silence Project likes to thank all supporters:
The Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, Office for Contemporary Art Norway - OCA, Gallery i8 Reykjavik, The Icelandic Embassy in Berlin, Silkroad Art Gallery, The Finnish Embassy in Berlin.







UTOPIA 理想國 - CHE Onejoon

September 7 through September 29, 2019
Opening: September 6, 2019, 7 pm

Korean artist CHE Onejoon presents 3-channel video MY UTOPIA (2018) along with his installation work International Friendship: The Gifts From Africa (2017) at Meinblau.

MY UTOPIA (Video Still), CHE Onejoon, 2018 © CHE Onejoon

His 3-channel video My Utopia (2018) adopted a documentary theater format inspired by the story of Monica Macias, who was the daughter of the first President of Equatorial Guinea in Africa and spent 16 years in exile in Pyongyang due to a coup in the country. The actresses play Macias and people surrounding her. The people in the film expressing their curiosity of different skin colors and each other’s foreign languages. It reveals how similar individual identity issues are – including a sense of community, nationality, race, and language – in both Koreas, as well as the structural problems of the relationship between the two Koreas and their diplomacy.

Another work in the show International Friendship: The Gifts From Africa (2017-18) which borrows from North Korea’s International Friendship Exhibition in which over 224,111 presents Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il received from 179 countries are exhibited. Che found a catalogue of the International Friendship Exhibition in a North Korean library in Seoul but the library did not allow people to borrow or copy the book. Che broke the rules and scanned it at the library and used it as a reference point in his sculpture. The project consists of the re-edited version of North Korean propaganda film, the illegally scanned photographs, and 3-D printed objects from the photographs focus on gifts from African countries. The gifts are related to Kim Il-Sung‘s foreign policy at that time. Kim Il-sung actively participated in the non-alliance movement, fully supporting the leaders of the newly independent African countries of the 70s and 80s.

Organized by: NON Berlin – Asia contemporary art platform and Meinblau e.V.
Supported by:
Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin – Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – FB Kunst und Kultur, Arts Council Korea


Meinblau Projektraum & NON Berlin
Pfefferberg Haus 5, Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin

Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2 – 7 pm

Further information
Bernhard Draz

Press contact
Sylke Bluhm, Bluhm PR, +49 (0) 179 9084493,






Vernissage Wednesday, 10.07.2019, 7 pm
Opening Hours 11.-21.07.2019, 2-7 pm

Event Saturday 20. and Sunday 21.07.2019,

6 pm exhibition tour with Hadas Amster

7 pm Future Memories – Performance by Ma’ayan Gur

The Meinblau Projektraum is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Hadas Amster.
In her work Amster examines the mechanisms that structure human behavior in artificial habitats and the dynamic between them and their cultural history. 


For the Meinblau project space, Amster created a site-specific installation which focuses on the viewer’s sensations. The exhibition combines different media – augmented reality, video, sculpture, and performance.

”Almost Home” is the result of historical and emotional research conduct by the artist following the footprints of 3 locations in Berlin: The Zoologischer Garten in West Berlin, with its history of “Völkerschau” shows featuring people alongside animals such as great apes. A nightclub by a Jewish architect from the late 1920’s that the Nazis attempt to erase the memory of its existence. And the contemporary 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin with its view on the zoo and an interior design concept of the „urban jungle theme.

The installation unfolds the possibility of changing viewpoints as it challenges the viewers in multiple ways to sense, discuss and react to the way we map memory. It deals with issues of replacement and displacement and the struggle of identity and empathy in between.

+++Event +++ Sat, 20.and Sun, 21.07.2019 +++ 6 pm exhibition tour with Hadas Amster +++ 7 pm Future Memories – A Performance by Ma’ayan Gur+++
For the Finissage Weekend of her exhibition „Almost Home“ the artist Hadas Amster presents a dance performance created especially for the installation at Meinblau Projektraum. Future Memories features the contemporary dancer Ma’ayan Gur interacting with the augmented ape of the VR-installation in the show and provides the visitors two viewpoints in real time: one of the dancer’s solo work in the space and the other is a live stream video of the dancer with the virtual ape, transforming the dance into a duet.

photo © Hadas Amster


The exhibition is funded by








harmonic garden

Sebastián Jatz Rawicz

Sound installation
13.06. — 30.06.2019

Opening: Wednesday, 12.06.2019 at 7 p.m.
Open Studio: Friday, 07.06.2019 at 7 p.m.


The Chilean artist Sebastián Jatz Rawicz stands in the tradition of the American avant-garde in the footsteps of John Cage. His sound interventions, installations and concerts, however, develop their very own aura and are centered around the production of music and sound itself. His new sound installation »Harmonic Garden« , developed for the Meinblau project space, is inspired by a visit to the gardens of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. While in these the water, fountains and ponds are considered to be symbols of abundance and the representation of paradise, Jatz Rawicz uses sounds, colors and light in »Harmonic Garden« to create a promenade for the senses and a place of contemplation.

The atmosphere of the place changes. Architectural elements integrated into the space massively change the perception of space. The incident daylight is reflected by these elements, so that shadows very slowly wander through the room. Between and along the walls there are tape loops of different lengths, from which breathing noises and the sounds of a harmonica can be heard. Similar to the light, the long cassette tapes and the sounds move slowly through the space.


Organized by singuhr e.v.
Supported by: Musikfonds, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur) and Goethe Institute Santiago de Chile. With the kind support of Tsonami Festival in Valparaiso and Meinblau e.V.



Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5
Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
U2 Senefelderplatz
Admission free
Opening Hours: Wed — Sun 2 — 7 p.m.








César Martins +++ Andreas Burger

Neue Bilder / New Works
Samstag 1.6.2019 + Sonntag 2.6.2019
jeweils 14 - 18 Uhr



Im Rahmen von

Art Spring 2019 :::::: Offene Ateliers im Stadtbezirk










multispecies narrations


Opening Thursday 2nd May 2019, 7 pm

Manuel Boden, Pascal Marcel Dreier, Nieves de la Fuente, Giorgi Gedevanidze, Biniam Graffé, Thomas Hawranke, Hörner/Antlfinger, Jiha Jeon, Julia Jesionek, Susan Helen Miller, Katharina Mönkemöller, Hanna Noh, Sissy Schneider, Polsprung Kollektiv, Myrto Vratsanou.


In the eighth part of the exhibition and project series we , animals the tales of human and non-human actors entangle with each other. The artist’s works create a space for feelings of connectedness as well as for the conflicts that arise when we welcome the language of the non-human multitude.

A project by Transmedia Space / Cologne , Anne Hölck and the artists.

we , animals is an ongoing project series that shows artistic positions on human-animal relations.

Opening hours:

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th May 2019


Meinblau Projektraum

Christinenstrasse 18-19

10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz


With the friendly support by the Art Academy of Media Arts Cologne










with Tania Bedriñana and Maryna Baranovska


Opening: Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 6 pm
Opening remarks: Dr. Marie Christine Jádi, Kuratorin

duration: April 11 - April 14, 2019, 2 - 7 pm
Finissage and Artist Talk, Sunday, April 14, 2019, 3 pm






In their art Tania Bedriñana and Maryna Baranovska address existential questions of our time: What does internal freedom mean? What role does the individual play in society? What do foreignness and isolation mean? What is female identity? And how do men relate to nature? Without appealing to our moral conscience both artists respectively express their individual experiences in their works, which the exhibition Wesen brings together for the first time.
The title Wesen can be translated with creatures or beings and refers to the figures in the images – be it Tania Bedriñana’s childlike beings or Maryna Baranovska’s tree creatures. The term also refers to Dasein (existence), which implies a certain temporality. For Martin Heidegger “wesen” means dwelling, lasting, living. It is the ownmost being, its essence, that can be seen in contrast to its sheer appearance. In their art the two artists do not illustrate a certain story, nor do they follow a concept. They rather try to capture the moment of appearance, which conceals the essence. The moment in which something emerges from the surface, lingers there or disappears again is the mystery of painting, which both artists radically try to unravel. In their mostly large-scale paintings they create colour spaces, whose atmospheres envelop the viewer. Both artists can rely on a classical art education, which for Bedriñana began in Lima and for Baranovska in Kiev. Both have developed their artistic career in Berlin from the 2000s until today. Here they found their individual expression and an archetypical motif respectively, which is rooted in their experiences, feelings, aspirations, and fears.



a group exhibition

Kanako Ishii, Mareike Jacobi, Karwath+Todisko, Katja Kollowa, Christian Meyer,
Virginie Mossé, Katja Pudor, Andrea van Reimersdahl, Richard Schütz,
Marc Soisson

Opening:  Thursday, 28.02.2019, 19h with a Performance by Karen Linnenkohl

Duration: 01.03.-10.03.2019, Thur-Sun 2-7 pm


The group show 0+255 presents ten positions from painting, drawing, printmaking, installation, sculpture, photography, and video, which programmatically focus on the use of black, white, and their uncoloured gradations.
The exhibition is supported by:
Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, FB Kunst und
Kultur, Hans und Charlotte Krull Stiftung, Botschaft des Großherzogtums Luxemburg
in Deutschland.


There will be a program, dates announced at website.

Andrea van Reimersdahl

The exhibition is supported by:
Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, FB Kunst und
Kultur, Hans und Charlotte Krull Stiftung, Botschaft des Großherzogtums Luxemburg
in Deutschland.










*** A 24HOURS project by Ulrike Mohr and Guests***

OPENING Saturday, 19 January 5 pm FINISSAGE Sunday, 20th January 5 pm

Sat, 19 Jan new projects at: 5pm (opening), 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, 12pm, 

Sun, 20 Jan new projects at: 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm (finissage)

with: Friedrich Andreoni, Leonie Behrens, Lydia Belevich, Bibsi, Anna Choi, Manon Dalmas, Dream a Team, Thiseas Efstathopoulos, Daniel Hölzl, Eva Karduck, Dong Geon Isu Kim, Chia-Liang Lai, Alfred Marasigan, Ulrike Mohr, Marié Nobematsu - Le Gassic, Jules Piveteau, Nina Plaskova, Dachil Sado / Diwali Hasskan, Carla Schliephack, Maximilian Schröder, Anna Swagerman, Maria Turik


W E C H S E L R A U M * is a transdisciplinary, collaborative project
centered around a spatial drawing by Ulrike Mohr. She invites guests from the arts and science for a collaboration to transform and dissolve her site-specific charcoal work. The chemical transformation of wood into charcoal is the starting point and working material for each collaborating artist.

Throughout the 24-hour exhibition period, a permanent process of transformation will take place. There will be an opening every hour, day and night.

*The term Wechselraum comes from relay race (Staffellauf) and defines the zone in which one runner hands off the baton to the next runner.


WECHSELRAUM is an ongoing project by Ulrike Mohr and is this time a collaboration of

Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, Meinblau e.V. and the artists.


©Ulrike Mohr 19/01/19/5pm


©Nina Plaskova 19/01/19/6pm



©Friedrich Andreoni 20/01/19/5pm






Chan Sook CHOI, Byungjun KWON, Bernhard Draz, Georg Klein

Opening: Fri., November 9, 2018, 7 pm
November 10 - December 3, 2018

Thur. - Sun. 2 - 7 pm




FACING NORTH KOREA - two South Korean and two German artists, who will deal with the country and regime as openly as possible, both in terms of content and aesthetics, and beyond the usual, unreflected and clichéd resentments.

further informations:
Bernhard Draz:


Curated by Bernhard Draz
Organized by Meinblau e.V., NON Berlin – Asia contemporary art platform, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum


supported by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin - Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur - FB Kunst und Kultur, initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Public Relations: Denhart von Harling, /



width=182     width=200     width=80     width=120     width=76








EMoP 2018 Berlin // Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin



photographs by Björn Gogalla & Reiko Kammer

Opening: October 18, 2018, 7 pm
October 19 - 28, 2018

Mon. - Sun. 2 - 7 pm




The Gefechtsübungszentrum (GÜZ) military base of the German army is located in the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide. On the military training ground is the construction site of the training compound “Urbaner Ballungsraum” Schnöggersburg. Soon, the German armed forces and their NATO allies will begin performing exercises here in house-to-house and street combat. To this purpose, a typical infrastructure of an urban metropolitan area will be built, complete with 520 buildings, streets, and plazas, as well as an industrial area including a waterworks, electrical power station, and an airport.

The enclosure simulates a normal small-sized city. The scenery, however, stands for a very real situation: war begins here! The artificial city is supposed to serve as a so-called “critical infrastructure” for the Federal Army, and is built to train for armed conflict in densely populated urban areas. There’s a risk that the Federal Army will increasingly become deployed in war missions and will eventually also be used domestically, to suppress social unrest.


width=92               width=136





About the attempt to fill a menacing void always just to the point
which allows to draw from abundance.
Opening: October 5, 2018, from 7 pm
record entertainment and drinks.


With Daniel Adams, Marc Aldinger, Rick Buckley, Andreas Burger,
Emanuel Geisser, Alex Gern, Brad Hwang, Klaus Kamptner, Anna Kaufmann,
César Martins, Ole Meergans, Philipp Karl Moritz and Tina Schulz.

October 6 - 14, 2018
Thur. - Sun. 2 - 7 p,
Finissage on October 14, with FRIMPSDJ




DYSTOPIE sound art festival Berlin/Istanbul

10 Days - 20 Projects - 7 Venues

OPENING : Friday 21. Sept. 2018 (free entrance)

21:00 – Meinblau Projektraum

Opening of the installations by Peter Cusack/Katharina Bévand, Ines Lechleitner/Tuçe Erel, Antje Vowinckel und Jeremy Woodruff

Performance – RAW (Selçuk Artut / Alp Tugan): Live Coding A/V Performance

Bar - open end



Distopias today are all around us. In the entertainment media and world politics there are numerous indications of dystopic scenarios. States with authorian leaders, the global power of internet companies and ecological desasters can be easily be interpreted as a future of horror. Particularly because distopias are fictional it can be a precious tool for a cultural diagnosis of our time. The DYSTOPIE sound art festival is organised by Errant Sound e.V. presenting 19 scenarios of sound created by international artists, revealing different imaginations of a future under given problematic issues concerning ecology and political developments. Performances, Installations and Interventions give an impression on how posthuman life on earth might sound or on what might happen, if microphonic surveillance increasingly gets out of hand, the pure act of listening can transform a state of mind for good or worse. At Meinblau 4 installations are shown, please find all events here:

Participating artists: Selçuk Artut (TR), Mario Asef (AR), Gívan Béla (BE), Katharina Bévand (DE), Geza Bobb (DE), Alberto de Campo (AT), Gregory Claeys (GB), Peter Cusack (GB), Alessandra Eramo (IT), Tuçe Erel (TR), Özgür Erkök Moroder (TR), Ipek Gorgun (TR), Hannes Hoelzl (AT), Sair Sinan Kestelli (TR), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Georg Klein (DE), Ines Lechleitner (AT), Laura Mello (BR), Wolfgang Musil (AT), Kirsten Reese (DE), Candaş Şişman (TR), Nihad Sirees (SY), Liping Ting (TW), Antje Vowinckel (DE), Steffi Weismann (CH), Georg Werner (DE), Jeremy Woodruff (US).

Curators: Georg Klein, Golo Föllmer, Ebru Yetişkin, Jeremy Woodruff

Programm :

Press contact: Marion Czogalla,

Organizer:  Errant Sound e.V., Rungestr. 20 / 4, 10179 Berlin

realized with funding by: Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Spartenoffene Förderung.
DYSTOPIE sound art festival is a cooperat Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD and takes place in the frame of Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik Berlin.


Entrance Fee for all exhibitions: 5 Euro (inclusive catalogue)

Performances Wasserspeicher  28.9.: 10 Euro,

Vortrag & Performance Teufelsberg am 30.9.: 8 Euro 


!!! Special Opening hours !!!  @ Meinblau: 

Fr-Sun 16-22h

Tue-Thurs 16-20h





Ella Ziegler: Performances

Sunday 16. Septemper 2018, 20.00h



Ella Ziegler's Project MOVEMENT OF EMOTIONS looks at and investigates the immediacy of the performance of emotions in the artistic media of photography, text, video, performance and composition. The special focus is on subjective feelings, which are caused by interpersonal contacts and interactions in different cultural, social and family contexts and can be perceived by bodily actions and impulses of directly involved witnesses. At Meinblau, Ziegler will present the works: „Feigned Unconsciousness“, a collaboration with Morten J. Olsen (vibraphone), Sophia New (speaker) and Daniel Belasco Rogers (speaker), „Stone from the tears of a deer“, which was realized in collaboration with the Residency Program Sigrids Stue in Aarhus / Denmark, and her recent performative investigation about anger and rage.







ARTISTS : Biho Ryu, Jaebum Kim, Klaas Hübner, Taiyoh Mori and Seoul National University, Graduate School of Environmental Studies,

curated by Ido Shin (NON-Berlin, Asia Contemporary Art Platform)

OPENING Friday, 10 August 2018, 6 pm.

Event within the frame of Project Space Festival :

With Prof. Kyung Jin Zoh (Seoul National University) and Angelika Beck (The BUND, Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland, Friends of the Earth Germany)

11 – 30 August 2018, Thur-Sun 2-7-pm


“The Observatory Project” deals with the DMZ, the border between North and South Koreas which has for more than sixty-five years been a shelter for nature but an isolated space for humankind.
At the DMZ border, fifteen of the observatories which have been built since the 1970s are now in service for the purpose of security-themed tourism. Originally, the observatories were built to serve the purpose of military defense, so tall as to enable easy and far-reaching observation. Lexically, they are often defined as buildings to observe celestial bodies, climate, and the like, just as they are utilized in astronomy, climatology, meteorology, geophysics, and oceanography. In recent days, their concept has extended to the space where one can view landscape in a leisurely manner.
According to the geographer Jay Appleton’s prospect-refuge theory, humankind instinctively desires a circumstance which has both a prospect to observe the climate or place with potential elements of threat and refuge where one can hide oneself safely. The DMZ observatory space has a liminal character that enables both the open prospect and the safe refuge, with traces of military tension in between the culturally and topographically different qualities of spaces.


Dora observatory, 2017, The observatory project, Seoul national university graduate school of environmental studies ©

The research team consisting of six members headed by Kyung Jin Zoh, professor of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, discovers a hidden landscape by taking the observatories in the DMZ—which have been installed since the late 1970s—as the objects of gaze and visiting the fifteen observatories as the vestigial landscape of the Cold War. Also, their multilateral investigations on observatories as buildings generated in the border of division are exhibited here as archived works based on documentation materials and environmental analyses.
In the work named “Personal Experiences,” artist Biho Ryu gazes upon the DMZ, recognizing it as an unrealistic, surrealistic, and larger-than-life psychological space. In this work, the artist is demonstrating the mental state of anxiety derived from the DMZ through videos and installations.
Photographer Jaebum Kim observes the flow of capital in the natural landscape and suggests the scenes of the city and the park viewed from Greenwich Park which includes the Royal Observatory, the institution that has taken the locations of longitude latticing the globe as measurement baselines. The artist’s research originating from “Time for Navy,” a small exhibition venue at an observatory built in 1675 as the first standard of time measurement and navigation, becomes reinterpreted with the eyes of observing the landscape of the Lehman Brothers and London’s financial district around it. The Royal Greenwich Observatory, which was initially used for naval operation, enables one to see at a glance the topography of cities and states created by a historical determination through the borders in which the negatives and the positives are separated in contrast. The green laser installed to represent the prime meridian as the standard longitude catches sight from our reality in the exhibition space, drawing the endless border of desire. At the same time, the artist narrates the story of time contaminated politically and at geopolitical borders.
Taiyoh Mori draws the lines of defining relations between the self and things, ceaselessly in the working process. Strictly vertical repetitions enable the artist to project the ego and things into space, thus deriving contingent gazes from observers.
Sound artist Klaas Hübner poses the endless questions on essence by drawing the moving traces of circles, and this regular movement of traces is evidenced by sound. The repetitive traces of circles are the borders superposed at a number of invisible territories, while each sound filling the space extends the duration of gaze.

The Observatory Project is the first of three new exhibitions of Facing North Korea by NON – Asia Contemporary Art Platform, that intend to escape from the monotonous and conventional views of media on North Korea and instead look forward to a new perspective opened by the observer’s subjective gaze.





The Observatory Project is supported and funded by




Christinenstrasse 18-19

Pfefferberg Haus 5

10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz


Archaeology of a possible future


Opening Thursday, 12.07.2018,  7pm

Duration 13.07.-29.07.2018


©Schepers/Terwiel 2018

In “Archeology of a Possible Future” Martin Schepers and Benedikt Terwiel present works that examine different temporalities of specific places that form part of our everyday environment.

Since 2017, Schepers has been documenting the transformation of a heavy industry area near Dortmund into suburban homes, using large-format collages and drawings to examine the changing social, aesthetic, and ideological framework of the newly designed landscape. Terwiel shows his photographic work „Hinterhof, Hasenheide 9“, a cartography of a Berlin backyard whose numerous fragments resulting from various alterations resemble a floor plan—its disparate structures representing the continuous transformation of the urban landscape.



Opening Hours


Thur-Sun 2-7pm


Meinblau Projektraum

Pfefferberg Haus 5

Christinenstr. 18-19

10119 Berlin








Opening: Thursday, 07.06.2018 at 7 p.m.

08.06. — 24.06.2018 


Music typewriter; 2017 
Temporäre Eisarbeit: Abguss aus Tinteneis, 50 x 35 x 20 cm
@claudia märzendorfer 

Many of Austrian artist Claudia Märzendorfer’s pieces transfer the ephemeral and fleeting nature of sound to the visual realm. In Märzendorfer’s work, objects are often merely temporary and processual: wall drawings vanish, records made of ice melt as they play. This approach results in the creation of poetic images and plastics whose dissolution begins to set in with their presentation. The exhibition »De-Composition« at Meinblau Projektraum combines a new version of Märzendorfer’s ice sculpture »Music Typewriter« with the new work »smashed to pieces« — a cinematic sound recording of the destruction of a grand piano. The result is a concentrated action, a live act, in which both the form and sound of the instrument undergo a gradual transformation — from a compact functioning structure to an assemblage of various forms.

Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5
Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
U2 Senefelderplatz
Admission free
Opening Hours: Tue — Sun 2 — 7 p.m.



Organized by singuhr e.v.
Supported by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur), Bezirkskulturfonds der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Musikfonds and Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin. With the kind support of Meinblau e.V.








art and spring by Meinblau artists and guests

with drinks and barbeque, for everyone nearby, on the way

and in the mood to say hi.

Saturday, May 26, 2018, 2 – 8 pm

see also:







Tokyo Morandi
Variation and Reminiscence — 

Traces are not just that which remains 
after something has left, they can also be a sign of things to come.

Opening Wednesday, 9th May 2018, 7-11 pm

Live Sound and Dance, Exhibition 

with special drinks from Arkaoda Bar, Dj Spatzhabibi

artists: Sophie Trudeau + Michaela Grill, Camilla Richter + Markus Krieger + Judith Rudolph, Philippe Leonard + Mike Moya  +Johann Lurf, Mauro Pezzente + Kimberley de Jong
Gambletron + Johnny Nawracaj + Nick Kuepfer, Maria Hinze + Simon Faithfull + Jessica Moss
curated by Maria Hinze

Opening hours 10.-13.May, 2-7 pm 

Special Event Matinee 13. May 2018 
at Arkaoda (Neukölln) 3-8 pm
live: Gambletron, Nick Kuepfer, Etkin Cekin + Mike Moya + Niklas Kraft, Dj Fog Puma, Eli Pavel
Film by Philippe Leonard


„Tokyo Morandi“ is an exhibition project that allows the participating artists, by examining  varying  approaches in differing media, to probe the only indirect knowability of emotions, cognitive information and rational processes in humans, and to explore this in the context of space, object and installation. 

„Tokyo Morandi“ scrutinizes the compexity of various disciplines, methods and procedures to pose questions on storage, combination and retrievability of sensual as well as rational content. How can a space become a walkable (stage)setting; how can film, dance, music and installation achieve a coherent unity, that fathoms the interplay of alienation and appropriation techniques in the shape of repetition. 
A focus point for all the works on display is the art of italian painter Giorgio Morandi, a life-long maker of still lifes, placing repetititon at the centre of his art, with his variations of ever the same and numberless arrangements of empty bottles and vessels. This repetition of his painted „empty“ objects fills them with questions of perception: By what relation between each other do they create their meaning, their form? What are the „internal“ correlations of reality? How is the artist’s eye connected to the sensation of the viewer?
 Repetition and abstraction, ecstasy and cognition are terms to be thought of as being closely connected. Repetition leads to the disciplinary and formal in terms of a reduction, while at the same time repetition becomes a heightened subjective sensation of „Joie de Vivre“ and a state of awaking and recognition, as is often described for music, and that also figures in discussions on the perception of imagery in Cézanne and Matisse. This „awakening“ can cause, as in the works of Johan Lurf, Sophie Trudeau and Michaela Gill, an intoxication, a state of ecstasy, in which a human can dissolve or can become someone else.
A unique aspect of the exhibition that opens on May 9 at Meinblau project space is the selection of artists from Berlin and Montreal. Musicians such as Sophie Trudeau, Mauro Pezzente and Mike Moya of Canadian post-rock collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor will premier works developed within the thematic context of the exhibition, which will in co-operation with Kimberley de Jong’s dance performance and films by Karl Lemieux and Philippe Leonard, display their discrete and electrifying imagery, that also characterizes Gambeltron’s and Nick Kuepfer’s site-specific contributions to the exhibition. Performance pieces and the overall connection of the entire installation will merge the various artist positions for the exhibition’s duration. 

A closing event co-hosted by Arkaoda Club, Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln, takes place on May 13 with an afternoon concert by Gambeltron, Nick Kuepfer, Mike Moya, Etkin Cekin and Niklas Kraft, with DJ sets from Fog Puma and Eli Pavel..

Falko McKenna, Maria Hinze











Vernissage: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 from 7pm


April 19 – 29, 2018, Thur. – Sun., 2 – 7 pm

Finissage: April 29, 2018 gallery breakfast from 10 am

artists: Ekachai Eksaroj, Lilly Moors, Michaela Meise, Flaut Rauch, Ann Schomburg

„A fairytale from Saint and Sinners“ is a project by Flaut M. Rauch and Ann Schomburg that deals with the meaning and nonsense of old images of sin, saints, whores, and intermediate beings. The O Ton is presented through works by five artists from Kassel and Berlin whose works deal with contemporary life and mystical references. The exhibition is accompanied by „Stolen Images“, an exhibition within the exhibition, which presents a collective fever dream with works by over 30 artists and a screening program.





Transcience and Transformation

Season-Opening at Meinblau!

Friday 23.03. from 19.00h

Duration: 24.03. - 05.04.
Hours: Mon - Sun 15.00h - 19.00h

Aske Sigurd Kraul, Damien Fragnon, Hunter Buck, Ingri Haraldsen, Kristian Askel und
Lion Sauterleute, Naomi Maury, Pako Quijada

Curatorial Team:

Othergrounds is proud to present its inaugural exhibition entitled ‘Transience and Transformation’.

Inspired by Sigmund Freud’s essay ‘On Transience’, in which he reflects on an object’s transience, stating that fleetingness will increase its worth and tries to raise the question of whether beauty is truly ephemeral, if it could be elevated, immortalised by transformation or if the transformative aspect is what truly encapsulates beauty. This show brings together artists who take nature or natural processes as a starting point, or as a cornerstone of their work. The artworks on display will bring together elements from three different positions. Presenting the fluctuating state of ephemeral processes, some will only exist for the duration of the show. Others using nature as a foundation to build upon and directly or indirectly bringing it to another level. Lastly, by combining both, the transient as well as the transformative aspect, there are artworks in a constant flux, transforming themselves throughout their lifetime, presenting the beholder with an ever-changing visual incarnation.









wonderful hand-made art and a lot more for the X-mas holidays and forever.

with works by:
Regina Aßmann I Katrin Binder I Eduard Bigas I Ali Dolanbay I Anna Gatial I Maria Hinze I Peter Hintz I Birgit Hölmer I Sonja Hohenbild I Anna Jakupovic I Miron Jakupovic I Daily Dor I Annika Putz I Dolgor Schmitz Ser Od I SPICAnews I Tanja Schmidt I Judith Rudolf I Franziska Vollborn

Fr. 15.12. 2017 opening from 7 pm
Sat., 16.12. + Sun. 17.12. from noon - 8 pm





Die Routineruine


 –  exhibition at MEINBLAU project space

Opening: Wednesday,  December 6, 2017, from 6 pm
The bar serves cold and hot drinks!
duration: December 7 – 10 // Thur - Sun  / 2 – 7 pm







COLD CASE– Global Express Wedding

by the Artist couple Andrade & Odinzow

Opening Thursday 23. November 7 pm

Acoustic Performance by Nadia D´Alo und Benedikt Frey at 8 pm

Opening hours: 24.- 26. November 2-7 pm


Two artists got married in Denmark, on an island in a town called
Ærøskøbing. This is the starting point of the Cold Case project,
an experimental archive research based on an autoethnographic approach.

The Installation „Global Express Wedding“ shown at Meinblau by Andrade & Odinzow is a prologue to the Cold Case project, which will also become an extensive book. The exhibition will be accompanied by an acoustic soundscape by Nadia D´Alo and Benedikt Frey, who will also perform at the opening.

The project is funded by









Artists: Ángel Mateo Charris, Marcelo Fuentes, Dis Berlin, Damián Flores, Carlos García Alix, Paco de la Torre, Teresa Tomás, Joël Maestre, Roberto Mollá, Jorge Taranzona, Fernando Martín Godoy, Elena Goñi, Juan Cuéllar, Guillermo Peñalver Fernández, Nelo Vinuesa, Gonzalo Elvira y Chema Peralta.

Curated by Juan Cuéllar und Roberto Mollá

Opening: Thursday, 19. Oktober, 7pm
!!  special guided tour by the curators at 6pm !!

Opening hours 20.October-12.November 2017
Thur-Sun 2-7h 


17 well-known Spanish artists will show their works in the MEINBLAU project space in Berlin from October, 20th to November, 12th. All of them are known as representatives of the Spanish post-conceptual Figuration or are close to it. All of the here shown works - mostly paintings but also an installation and a video - concentrate on architecture and spatial geometry: as main motiv, background, frame or as symbolic element.

The forge of geometric armature is the support and constitution of the aesthetic identity by the chosen artists for the exhibition. The vision of their cities, the real or phantastic trips, the false perspectives and the relationship of the individual with its urban environment, relationship sometimes of isolation, in quiet spaces loaded with mystery and timelessness.
Timeless as the light of the autumnal sun on a Valencian wall that painted and wrote Ramón Gaya and that could also have painted Marcelo Fuentes. But timeless also as David Lynch's Red Room, one more dimension of the taste of painters like Paco de la Torre: In the Red Room there is no problem of time. And everything can happen. It is a free zone, completely unpredictable and therefore exciting, but also terrifying. And it's just fascinating to visit that kind of place. Metaphysics and space / time cracks are for these painters a common piazza where to meet. The silhouette of a city is represented as a still life of Morandi.

Many of these artists have already participated in thematic group exhibitions focused on architecture, like the exhibition Game of Architectures in the gallery Guillermo de Osma (Madrid, 2008) and the exhibition Of architecture. The Houses of Life (Paraphrasing Mario Praz) at Siboney Gallery (Santander, 2010). 

The exhibition is supported by the Spanish ministry of culture, education and sport in co-operation with the Spanish embassy in Berlin and the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

PM download





Fieber Festival

4th FIEBER Festival -
Independent Festival Ibero-American artists of Berlin

Opening: on Thursday October 5, 2017 from 7 pm

“¿Quien soy?, Quem sou eu? Who am I?” - Identidades en tránsito (identities in transition)
Based on the thoughts and experience that identities cannot be understood as a static construct, but instead are in a state of permanent movement and can be reconceived again and again, Fieber Festival is creating a space for artist of all disciplines and genres to show their artwork, get in touch with the audience and a lot of artists from their new-found hometown Berlin to experience, get together and explore.


The artists:
Barbara Richter (BRA), Karmen Kraft (ESP), Duna Rolando (ARG), Lucero Allegri (ARG), Manuela Garcia Aldana (COL), Rosario Aninat (CHL), Marina Roca Die (ESP), Natàlia Bernal (ESP),Muriel Gallardo Weinstein (CHL), Verónica Salguero (ARG),Teresa Casanueva (CUB), Edurne Herrán (ESP), Katica Puga (CHL), Marisa Benjamim (PRT), María Amparo Gomar Vidal (ESP), Ana Correia (PRT) Mara Mahía (ESP), Florencia Lizama (CHL), Antonella Lis Vigilante (ARG), Clo Catalan (CHL), Sara Ferrer (ESP), Raquel Olivas (ESP), Candela Monde(ARG), Maria Rial (ESP), Tiare Maldonado Hucke (CHL)

and performances by:

Xueh Magrini Troll (COL) - Live Painting

Regie: Lorena Valdenegro (CHL) Künstlerische Leitung: Mayra Gómez (ARG). Darstellerinnen: Sandra Feferbaum (ARG), Mayra Gómez (ARG), Ana Soarez (ESP) und María Paula de Oro (COL)

performance intervention: Inês Miguel (PRT) - "Ihre Auswanderung"

and the turntable will be rotated by: DJane Coco Maria



More information about the whole program of the festival from October 5 through October 8, 2017 you'll find here:



Horizontal and Vertical Emptiness


Andreas Burger

Horizontal and Vertical Emptiness

09.09. – 24.09.2017


Opening: Friday, Sept. 8, 2017 at  7 pm


Meinblau Projektraum

Christinenstr. 18/19, 10119 Berlin

Thursday - Sunday, 2 - 7 pm




For his “Horizontal and Vertical Emptiness” exhibition at the Meinblau project space, Andreas Burger will be showing two large wooden boxes that are normally used to transport works of art. They give the visitors the impression that they are attending an exhibition that is still in the process of being installed. At the same time, the imposing dimensions of the boxes conjure up in one’s mind how big the works of art packed in them might be, at the same time evoking associations of a correspondingly large studio and depot along with a whole crew of assistants. What the boxes contain, or whether they contain anything at all, is something that Burger deliberately does not reveal to the visitor, using them as cyphers to evoke a mind game.

Visible in the space are two sculptures by Andreas Burger, in which sculpture is intertwined with conceptual art and Appropriation Art. He adapts to a certain extent a work by Jonathan Monk, in which the latter immortalizes himself, with irony no doubt, in classical form, practically Caesar-like and with the tip of his nose knocked off. Andreas Burger copied Monk’s portrait bust and attached a cast of his own nose to his original replica. Monk, who is known to deliberately cite and take further the work of others – naturally of big players on the art market – himself now becomes the “victim” of a productive “plundering.”

In another sculpted portrait of Vincent van Gogh, Burger added a cast of his own left ear to the maimed world-famous artist. Burger deliberately celebrates this festival of piracy and citations of the works of Monk, who places himself contextually in a high sphere of art history with the way in which he pursues his work. He brings this method back down to earth when he applies his own nose and at the same time takes Monk’s game too far – with great irony – in his bust of van Gogh.
Text: Matthias Reichelt



Sponsored by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin - Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur - Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur





sound installation
18.08. — 03.09.2017

Opening: Thursday, 17.08.2017 at 7 p.m.

Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5
Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
U2 Senefelderplatz
Admission free
Opening Hours: Tue — Sun 2 — 7 p.m.


Organized by singuhr e.v. Supported by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur) and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). With the kind support of Meinblau e.V.


by Juan Varela and Gonzalo Reyes Araos

OPENING: THURSDAY, 20. July 6 pm

Openinghours: Friday, 21.7. - Sunday, 23.7.2017

12:30 bis 19:00 (the artists will be there all the days)



As an extension of Social Geometrism ( presented during the Gallery Weekend 2017 at Reinbeckhallen ), we introduce Thresholds, an exhibition hosting the work of Juan Varela and Gonzalo Reyes Araos.

Thresholds displays a set of geometrical forms based on social phenomena. These artists investigate topics related to the body, - presence, distance, physical experience -, and its encounter facing concrete or virtual spaces.

Gonzalo uses elements borrowed from the everyday means of communication, - screens, videoconference devices -, in order to share natural events on digital media. His observations amplify the relationships we maintain with spiritual experiences through the technology.

Via simple instructions accompanying his installations and site-specific modifications in the public space, Juan's work invites the audience to experience paths in an attempt to uprise sculptural forms through the act of walking. Therefore, he re-objectifies the artwork suggesting that it is built in the act of using it.

In the main room, we find both artists in a singular dialogue. This space has been immersed in a red, blue and green colored environment falling from the ceiling. This artificial environment varnishes an x-like shape structure which invites the audience to interact with other people. Both works, make a reference to an intangible reality experimented in the daily human life. This act of placing them together disguises a dual meaning, an arrangement in which virtual and physical references meet in a single space.

Gonzalo Reyes Araos

Gonzalo Reyes Araos was born in Quilpué, Chile. He currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts of Valparaíso. He obtained several distinctions such as Special Mention in Juan Francisco Gonzalez painting prize (2005) and the first prize in the Mural Painting Competition at the Ex-Carcel Cultural Park in Valparaíso (2004). He received grants from the commission of support of book of Wallonie, Belgium (2011) and from the Council of Arts of Seoul, South Korea for an artist residency in late 2015. He has participated in several exhibitions in Germany, China, South Korea, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland and Chile. His work can be found in public collections including Jinan Art Museum (China), Cultural Corporation of Viña del Mar (Chile), Culture House of Quillota (Chile) and in private collections in Germany, Brussels, Switzerland, South Korea and Chile.

Juan Varela

Juan Varela was born in Ourense, Spain. He currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied at MFA (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He has obtained several distinctions, among them the Grant Leonardo, Berlin (2005), Grant Novos Valores, Spain (2006), 1st Prize at Concurso Arte Joven Latina (Sculpture), 1st prize Concurso Jóvenes Creadores, Madrid. He has been showing his work in several exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Japan.







10. Juni bis 2. Juli 2017 / 10th June to 2nd July 2017
Do bis So: 14 – 19 Uhr / Thurs – Sun: 2 – 7 p.m.

Eröffnung/Opening: Freitag, 9. Juni um 19.00 Uhr/Friday, 9th June at 7 p.m.
Performance von/by Soni Kum



Focus Female Korea: NEVER ENDING SONG


‘Is it not over yet?’
This is how Hee-Joong Lee’s ‘Never Ending Song’1 begins. Poems allow different thoughts and feelings depending on readers, but if read together with Jeong Hee-Jin’s “women starts from the beginning. They have to repeatedly respond to the ‘same’ oppression, and have to repeat the ‘same’ story”2, the phrases of this poem creates a rather strange point of contact between the long history of mistranslations about feminism and hate crimes against women which have recently become a huge issue in the Korean society.


The murder of a young female in Gangnam station which occurred at dawn in May 17, 2015, made this song repeat itself again. In the Korean society where a woman gets killed per 1.7 days or feels she’s under the threat of death3, a murder case like this no longer receives wide attention. However, waves of condolences spread swiftly and quickly through social media, and the news received unprecedented attention. This exhibition initiated from the new senses and feelings about feminism which recently awakened the Korean society. The humanity’s false conventional wisdom about women which are commonly found in the Eastern and Western civilizations is not only the characteristics unique to Asia including Korea. Yet, the awareness of feminism in the non-western country viewed through the eyes of the western world is often given a very unique perspective. This is because it cannot be explained using a single discipline called Women’s studies, and is based on wide-ranging knowledge production and historical recognition. Furthermore, such a perspective creates ‘political correctness’ in which the operation of ethics about ‘otherization’ is only rational if the focus of the debate is on the other, in other words, the victim. However, this exhibition does not focus on ‘Korean women’ who cannot be sampled based on such simple epistemology.

‘Focus Female Korea: Never Ending Song’ which will be held from June 10 to July 2, 2017 at MEIN BLUE shines new light on all kinds of personal values that were ruled out by the universal and cold hard rational judgments demanded by modern rationalism through the works of Soni Kum and Chansook Choi who restores the memories and experiences of individual women that were marginalized from (almost) the whole history in the form of aesthetic language based on the special historical facts of more recent Korean society. Moreover, rather than limiting the gender issues as simply stemming from the few hate crimes against women that made the headlines via SNS, it aims to expand the discourse through diverse views and perspectives based on history and the entire social structure.

Goeun Song (space O’NewWall Curator)

1Hee-Joong Lee, “Never Ending Song”, Truly Old Scissors, Munhakdongne, 2012, (p116-117)
2Jeong Hee-Jin, “Language Divides by Gender”, Did Somebody Say misogyny?’, Hyunsilbooks, 2015(p98)
3Analysis by Korea Women’s Hot Line which was the first NGO in Korea which adopted the provision of counseling for victims of violence toward women in 1983



Chan Sook Choi, Choi & You, single channel video and installation, 2017


Chan Sook Choi

Chan Sook Choi works in a wide range of media, which include installation, sound, video, photography, painting and drawing. She has also recently started writing. She was born in Seoul, Korea. She studied Fine Art in Korea and Experimental media-Art at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany. Since 2003 she has worked intensive with film and video installation in the fields of experimental and new media art: Works that expand the boundaries of classical and contemporary art. She tried to combine elements taken from diverse epochs, cultures, and genres in order to stimulate all the senses of audience. 2010/2011 she received a Promotion from the NaFöG of the Senate of Berlin and Nart Promotion of young artists from the Seoul Art Foundation and Arts Council Korea 2013. And she was a participant as a video artist at the national-brand production from National Theatre of Korea. 2012 she was selected as Artist for Tomorrow by Sungkok Art Museum in Korea and 2014 as New Rising Artist by Gallery LOOP, Seoul, Korea.



Soni Kum, Offering, seven boats, Performance and video, 2015


Soni Kum

Soni Kum is an interdisciplinary artist who was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan as a third generation Korean. She grew up in North Korean Community in Japan and obtained South Korean citizenship in 2006. She works in a variety of mediums including film and video, installation, performance, writing, photography, drawing and dance. Her early artworks attempt to shed light on fragmented pieces of darkened history and realign itself into more complex and personal storytelling.
After working for activist art projects with North Korean migrants in South Korea for several years, she begun to explore the theme of ritual in her performance/ installation works. Her ongoing art project is to transform the relationship between living and dying in contemporary society by attaining ultimate healing within ourselves.
Soni Kum received a M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in the United States in 2005 and Doctor in Fine Arts from Tokyo University of Arts in 2011. Her work has been exhibited at numerous art spaces and film festivals around the world, which include USA, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Philippines, China, Cuba, UK, and Myanmar. She has taught in several universities in South Korea for 4 years since 2011 and received Excellent Lecturer Award from Yonsei University. Currently she is based in London from April 2016 as part of an artist in residency funded by the Pola Art Foundation, Japan.


Curator: Goeun Song

Song studied Painting at Sejong University in Korea, and received Kingston University London’s Art and Space M.A. degree. Since 2014 until present, Song has been working as the curator at SPACE O’NEWWALL, Korea. Recently, Song has contributed in organizing and writing in exhibitions Im Youngzoo Solo Exhibition: THEWESTERLIESWINDCOMESANDGOES (2016), Jaewook Lee Solo Exhibition: Treatise on Rhythm, Color and Birdsong (2016), Hesitation Form: Gone with the Beginning (2015), and The Smell of the Moon: Swiss New Media Art (2015), etc. Song’s interest in the various knowledge production methodologies in art has led to other projects and workshops including Sensible Residence (2016), and Right Then, Wrong Now: Curators’ Conversation (2015), etc. 


Sponsored by



hosted by














WHAT IS DANCE? Robert Lippok

sound installation
13.05. — 28.05.2017

Opening: Friday, 12.05.2017 at 7 p.m.
Live-Peformance and Artist Talk: Friday, 19.05.2017 at 8 p.m.

Robert Lippok is primarily known as a protagonist of electronic music (»Ornament und Verbrechen«, »to rococo rot«). But Robert Lippok’s pieces also include sound-based installations in which he brings together elements from art, music, theatre, radio and film, as well as stage sets and objects. As early as 1989 he arranged self-made musical mechanisms, audiotape loops, electric motors and a piano keyboard into a playable installation. A few years ago, Lippok became acquainted with the oeuvre of American sound artist Joe Jones, whose »Music Machines« have continued to influence him, including while creating the instruments for his new sound installation »What is Dance?«. The installation consists of an arrangement of various sound objects (pieces of wood, cymbals, rotating plastic film) in the space, which are played mechanically in a predefined choreography, thus interpretating three dances of Henry Purcell’s opera »The Fairy Queen«.

During the exhibition, Robert Lippok will give an artist talk and a live performance (Fr, 19.05.2017 at 8 p.m.).

Admission free
Opening Hours: Di — So 14 — 19 Uhr
For guided tours please contact:


photo©Robert Lippok 

Organized by singuhr e.v. Supported by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur) and Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V. Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates. With the kind support of Meinblau e.V. 






happy sad I Phillipp Karl Moritz


happy sad


Philipp Karl Moritz


Opening: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6 pm

Finissage: Sunday, April 30, 2017, 2pm



170 cm x 140cm, oil on canvas 2017


duration: April 20 through April 30, 2017

Thur. - Sun., 2 - 7 pm



1. Regionales Hauptfest Berlin / 3 Versuche Das Lied zu Singen

from Tuesday, 28.March - 9.April 2017 , 14h-19h

*3 Versuche das Lied zu singen*  : Exhibition 

2. Versuch by Demian Kern (until 2nd April)

3. Versuch by Julian Breuer (until 9th April)


FINISSAGE  Saturday, 8th April, 19h


1. Regionales Hauptfest Berlin (artfair)

Opening Saturday, 25.March 2017 14 Uhr

Saturday and Sunday 25/26 March  14-22h

by Demian Kern


1. Regionales Hauptfest Berlin is part of

the show 3 Versuche Das Lied zu Singen



Round Table by Felix Oehmann
Touch Love Cooking by Lena Marie Emrich & Thomas Leo Chapman
Aktfotofix by Ali Altin & Jochen Görlach
Tombola Meisterstück, various prizes by various artists, selected by Katrin Plavčak & Ada Van Hoorebeke
Bad Reception Fine China by Zoë Claire Miller

Videos selected by Amelie Wedel in a Tent by Reto Pulfer

Honey by Jonathan Schneider & Peter Odinzow

Alex Becerra — Özlem Altin — Octavio Garabello — Janes Haid-Schmallenberg — Philipp Dachsel — Shelley Tootell — AltinStarkJaJa!Merch

supervision: Demian Kern 










Glory Box

Glory Box
Curated by Contemporary Art Exchange  

hosted by tête project space

Opening: 6.30-9.30pm 13th Dec
Dates: 13th - 14th December
Opening Hours: 2-6pm
Artist's talk: 6pm 14th Dec


‘Glory Box’ explores the notion of memory found in landscape and imaging, through a live research and sensory ethnographic approach. 
The work was conceived in the towns of Rainbow and Cowwarr, Australia where Olmi has been visiting since 2014 with her camera and her curiosity. An assemblage of images have been gathered from conversations, numerous cups of tea and a generosity of spirit from a community in their sharing of histories and archive material.  
The work is not so much a documentary snapshot of country town Australia, but rather a work that speaks to the viewer of the commonality of experience throughout  small communities, how we reflect on our own archives, and our reading of the photographic image. A photograph can simultaneously tell us everything and nothing, and its opaque tendencies are explored in this contemplative work. Memories are fragmented, fleeting and sometimes hard to decipher. They often seem shrouded in a darkness until brought into the light through the unconscious and the recurring nature of recollection. 
‘Glory Box’  creates a journey in which the viewer actively engages their imagination to create their own reading of the work.   
Leanora Olmi is an artist-researcher and film curator based in Melbourne. She is currently doing her PhD at the Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne. Her research explores a community’s experience of their environment through personal archives and storytelling, touching on notions of memory, social imaginings and change. The project examines communities in regional areas and the stories of inhabitants through a series of community archive events and through Olmi’s own photographic practice.  





station MOVES

Opening night: November 18th


November 17th – November 29th 2017, tuesday–sunday 2 p.m.–7 p.m.

Jeong, Yongdo

Eunok Hwang, Fabian Bechtle, Jaewook Lee Jeonghan Kim, Konrad Mühe, Noa Im,
Sook Jin Jo

The basic ideas comprising the exhibition station MOVES are approached through relativity theory. This idea suggests that everybody has his or her own “temporal speed” (proper time). In our real lives in contemporary culture, speed is central, not only in portraying human lives and minds and realities, but also in in the advancement of modernity - technological development. However, conflicting human desires have cordoned off cultures, histories, and lives through physical barriers and political divisions. The resulting ideological barriers deform human truths.


People in cyberspace and the world of information have immense capacity to enjoy freedom, where borders interweave and lose power. Internet and new media technologies open up new possibilities and create a new “dialectic of unification”. These technologies steadily dissolve borders, previously experienced as rigid national and international boundaries. The supposedly simple truths of this ordered system manipulate people to compel obedience. These systems of 'correctness' demand we become good citizens in a competitive world of rank and capital. But in this new era of change, grand 'stations' of order disperse and differentiate with new media messages, with a theme of freedom: everybody has the right to negotiate their own space. Fixed forms of contemporary 'culture' disappear and movement, from each forum where people meet and communicate, is the first principle of global citizenship. As Aristotle put it long before the digital age, when something moves with its own propulsive force, even when it’s invisible it still has the power to change the world. Modern people, with an unbound ability to roam, are exercising this freedom, and transcending the boundaries that once cut them off from each other. This is leading us into a new world of “Unification”.

Organized by Yongdo Jeong / NON Berlin
Cooperated with MEINBLAU e.V.
Supported by Korea Arts Management Service

Curated by Jeong, Yongdo


Special Thanks to






Performance Art Festival

10 / 11 / 12 November 2016

Opening Night: Thursday, 10th November, 18h




Full Programm please click here!


opening hours

Thursday 10th, 18-22h

Friday 11th, 18-22h

Saturday 12th, 18-22h + closing Party!!



Meinblau Projektraum

Pfefferberg Haus 5

Christinenstr. 18-19

10119 Berlin

U2 Senefelder Platz


funded by



special thanks to







docu­mentaries dispersed #3

Jakob Ganslmeier, Robin Hinsch, Adelaide Ivánova, Hannes Wiedemann

21.10. – 6.11.2016

Vernissage 20.10.2016 19:00 Uhr

Finissage 6.11.2016 18:00 Uhr


photo: Jakob Ganslmeier


The FOG Platform is dedicated to photography situated at the intersection of the artistic and the documentary. The emphasis is on a multiplicity of themes, working methods and styles. The exhibition shows four positions from this year’s issue 3 of FOG Magazine.
In his project Lovely Planet: Poland, Jakob Ganslmeier adopts the typical categories of a travel guide to formulate ironic comments on the structural changes taking place at Europe’s centre. Furrowed, barren landscapes form the backdrop for the series Kowitsch by Robin Hinsch, who took photographs that document the sites of conflict during the recent years of crisis in the Ukraine. For over ten years now, Adelaide Ivánova has been photographing her grandmother Adelaide, who lives in Brazil. The two women share more than just a first name, and their close relationship is reflected in humorous, playful portraits that are also honest. In Grinders, Hannes Wiedemann explores the self-experiments of the American DIY cyborgs, who work toward merging human and machine using the simplest of means.


Opening hours 21.10. – 6.11.2016

Thurs-Sun 2-7pm




funded by 











Kasper Muttonen


23 September–2 October, 2016
Tue through Sun, 2 - 7 pm


Thursday, September 22, 2016
from 6 pm



 UTOPIA shows a series of balls and domes inspired by Bucminster Fuller´s geodesic structures. This form connects to an idea of climate change and different natural elements put inside a built surrounding and artificial structures. The elements of water; e.g. water drops, ice, steam and spectrum, deeply influences the architecture of geodesic structures. One reason to choose Bucminster Fuller's structural model is its popularity in architecture built by alternative communities, as well as its universal mathematic model, which can be found in Internet calculator technology. The project started by looking at different dome structures of the historic Rome combining modernistic structural utopias, as well as avantgarde architecture like Bruno Taut's beautiful glass dome from the 1920´s. The objects are artistical views of utopias or fragile shelters against the harder reality of a world within a climate change.

UTOPIA is shown both in Helsinki Gallery Sculptor and Berlin Meinblau projektraum in two different sets.

The objects were primarily made while attending two residencies:
Finland Institute of Rome, Villa Lante in Italy, and Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf in Germany 2015.





10 September - 18 September 2016

Opening: Friday, 9 September 2016 at 7 pm


Lorena Mal's »Concrete« makes visible the acoustic relations that are hidden in the space. The sound installation produces no sound but instead solidifies the particular sonic reflections of the space using architectonic materials. This site-specific sculpture reproduces the dominant acoustic geometry that Lorena Mal found in the space through a study of reflections of a 1000Hz sonic wave. By it's mere presence, the installation changes the original acoustics, as an instrument that reflects the space itself.
In cooperation with  Pablo Kobayashi


>>Saturday, 10 September 2016  12 am - 6 pm

Workshop »Concrete Acoustics«
with Lorena Mal and Pablo Kobayashi
The workshop is an extension of the processes undertaken for the development of the project which will continue to question, as the project does, the notion of space, representation and human perception through a sound investigation. The workshop’s platform will emphasize critical thinking explored through sound by using listening strategies, architectural materials and non-conventional techniques.
Registration via e-mail until 8 September:

>>Tuesday, 13  September 2016 at 7 pm

Artist Talk
with Lorena Mal and Pablo Kobayashi


singuhr — projekte
Meinblau Projektraum
Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5, Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin
U2 Senefelderplatz

Open: daily 2 - 7 pm
For guided tours please contact

Organized by singuhr e.v.
Part of singuhr's »Resonating Spaces« programme. In the framework of »entre límites / zwischen grenzen« — an exhibition and residency project by singuhr — projects and Goethe-Institute Mexico. A project of the dual year Mexico — Germany.
Supported by the Senatskanzlei — Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur) and the Mexican Embassy in Berlin. With the kind support of the Senatskanzlei Berlin in the framework of the city partnership Berlin — Mexico City and Meinblau e.v.









OPENING Friday, 5 Aug, 19.00h

Artists :
Cali D. Kurlan, Caroline Goessling, Siying Zhou, Brooke Goldman, Sarah Moore, Megan Gorham, Abigail Taubman, Hui Hsien Ng, Lili Peper, Ali Paydar, Andrea Welton, Courtney Asztalos and Bobby Smith

The Final show for the PICTURE BERLIN Summer residents in the Summer Session 2016,

curated by Peggy Sue Amison



© Megan Gorham, PB 16 resident


Opening Hours

6 Aug 2016 – 9 Aug 2016

Thuns-Sun 2-7 pm


PICTURE BERLIN, founded in 2009, is a not for profit artist-initiated hybrid residency/art academy. The show summarizes the work that the residents have been doing through the 7 week residency program in Berlin.








FRIDAY, 10th June

7 pm

Filmscreening  by Wibke Stark


Where are we now     2015 / Berlin / 20min / eng

// Four stories. One Night. One shot.

The audience is invited to follow KAI, LOTTE, FYNN & MIKE on their journey through Kreuzberg and witness seemingly random encounters revealing the characters interconnectedness.

Free entry.





Heidi Mumenthaler – New Paintings

 26.Mai - 5. Juni 2016


Heidi Mumenthaler creates her paintings out of spontaneous gestures, her figures emerge in a scenic self talk in which the artist reflects both usual and unusual encounters. First her distiguished wild brushstrokes and splashes of acrylic paint cover the bare canvas. In breakneck speed colours and structures change and provide the underground for the grotesque figures in clear black contours. Often inspired by theatre plays she invents a unique world of creatures whose monologues continue in the head of the viewer.

Born 1963 in Basel the artist is trained as screenprinter and studies acting at Mozarteum in Salzburg. After her contribution in various theatre productions she focusses on painting since 1992, her works were shown in various solo and group exhibitions in Zürich, Basel, Hamburg, Wien, Berlin. For theatre productions she creates sketches for programmes and worked among others with the directors Barbara Frey, Heike M.Goetze, Gian Manuel Rau und Lars-Ole Walburg.


Friday 03.06.2016, 20h

My Mom is a Wolf, My Dad... by Camilla Graff Junior

A media performance on our inner and outer animals


“My mom is a wolf, my dad…” is a talk about healing processes. What do our inner animals tell us? How can we enter into a dialogue with them? Camilla Graff Junior, aka former punk-rock musician Mona Motel, shares her experience based on autobiographical material, photos, video clips, a collection of plastic animals and family stories.

In collaboration with Paolo Podrescu (media) and Tobias Stål (light and technique).




2011 2012

Julian Breuer, Christoph Berger, Alice Chardenet, Lena Marie Emrich, Jihye Hong,

Bassel Ibrahim, Demian Kern, Peter Odinzow, Pascal Reinhard, Robin Wagemann

6.- 21. May  2016



The collaborative project 2011 2012 is developed by the ten artists with intensive examination of the exhibition space. Their works begann in dialogs between each other, stay flexible and take shape in the process until the set up. The artistic approaches range from installation, sculpture, video to drawing or follow performative influences. As a joint project the exhibition reflects the variety of actual interpretations and extensions of the classical notion of sculpture.


Initiated by the artists of the sculpture department– year 2011/12, Berlin Weissensee Art Academy.


funded by 









Meinblau Artists & friends 


Curated by: Mango Sashimi

Free entrance, Cheap Champagne

Preview & Party
FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2016 from 7 PM

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 11 AM – 5 PM




Group Show Ostkreuz School for Photography | Seminar Thomas Meyer

13.–23. APRIL 2016





The seminar at Ostkreuzschule Berlin, lead by photographer Thomas Meyer, has been discussing this complex dichotomy throughout the last year. From this, several unique works have emerged, inspired by the blurry boundary between what nowadays constitutes public and private space.
The photographic works span a wide range, among others: staged public space in private rooms by Nataly Dietz, a very magical photographic discussion about the suction of new media by Stefanie Loos, the portrayal of the intimate private universes of women by Ana Catalá, and the very private rooms found in the Tiergarten by Christian Demarco.
The spectrum of the ten presented series is astonishing and widens the perspective for that subject, that never was more relevant than today.

photo: Lukas Ebensperger




1. - 10. April 2016


Curated by: Peggy Atherton, Maria Bartolo, Ben Joiner, Teena Lange, Chiara Valci Mazzara


Jo Addison, Phil Allen, Louise Ashcroft, Peggy Atherton, Maria Bartolo, Renata Bandeira, Keith Bowler, Jörn J. Burmeister, David Cotterrell, Stuart Cumberland, Annie Davey, Judith Dean, Dolanbay, Marcia Farquhar, Kitty Finer, Doug Fishbone, Luke Gottelier, RJ Hinrichsen, Des Hughes, Anja Ibsch, Ben Joiner, Sharon Lifschitz, Brendan Lynch, Pete Owen, Sarah Pucill, Robert Rush, Raine Smith, Kerry Stuart, Pip Thompson, Demelza Watts, Mark Wiltshire, Keith Wilson.

Buffet d'art showcases an array of artists, all of whom have been invited to bring along a buffet size piece of work, to be perused on a plinth. The show will be a melee of mismatched yet aspiring works, some with delusions of grandeur, others grubby with spillage and monotonous repetition, set to a medley of smooth and relaxing music by Brendan Lynch, designed to whet the senses and heighten your experience of these buffet-inspired memories.

An exhibition concept by Peggy Atherton and Maria Bartolo.




[ modified diencaphalonic episodes ]

Ira Schneider & Flaut M. Rauch  

March 10.- 20. 2016


“modified diencaphalonic episodes” © Schneider I Rauch, 2016

The exhibition will show what the title promises:
Episodes, video incidents, image sequences, and installation happenings
presented by Ira Schneider, a video art pioneer, and Flaut M. Rauch,
an allround multi-media artist.
You are invited to enter their shared diencephalon
(also hypothalamus / interbrain), which, located between the cerebrem
and brain stem, fulfills important vegetative functions, such as keeping
the balance between the poles of the autonomic nervous system,
the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, as well as
controlling the biorhythm. Like in science, which only discovered
about 1 percent of the diencephalon yet, Ira Schneider and Flaut M. Rauch
will rather show fragmentary and episodic details of their work,
which in their diversity and different processes modify to one creation.
The line between reality and fiction frequently blurs.
Similar to our brain processes, several sequences run simultaneously,
which can be observed in detail as well as in the large picture.
The consciousness and the artistically clouding of consciousness
leads you to the universe of the modified diencaphalonic episodes.

For further information about the artists please visit: and






Transitional Societies

Mario Asef, Bernhard Draz, Sven Kalden, Georg Klein, Joachim Seinfeld

March 3. - 12. 2016 

 !! Venue: NON Berlin, Chauseestraße 11/Eingang/Entrance Tieckstraße, 10115 Berlin !!

/    /


Transitional Societies

The exhibition Transitional Societies, initiated by NON in 2015, accesses the discourse about Transitional Justice, and transferres it with freely associated aesthetic, but politically motivated positions into a wider social context.

Georg Klein shows his interactive installation Na Na in the entrance area. Two opposing satellite dishes acoustically create the word ICH (I / ME), and its Korean equivalent NA, and abstracting it beyond recognition.
In his art work NEAR EAST SIDE GALLERY Sven Kalden transfers graffiti and paintings of the Berlin Wall onto concrete models of the Israeli boundary walls, which are built in the West Bank since 2002.
The Argentine artist Mario Asef broaches the issue of the abduction and murder of 43 Mexican students in 2014, and the grotesque public response to this atrocity, with his large-format photographic work: Acción Día de Muertos.
Joachim Seinfeld shows a cycle from his photo performance series: When Germans are funny – a docu-fiction. He offers an ironic reflection on the bourgeois, christian, right-winged, and also the leftist anti-Semitism in Germany.
Eventually, Bernhard Draz presents with Transitional Justice – Terminology, the words freedom - despotism - justice – control, in white neon letters against a gray background, togehther with its korean pendants as steel letters.

Transitional Societies is a cooperation project of NON Berlin - Asian Contemporary Art Platform and MEINBLAU projektraum, initiated by Anne Hölck, Chan Sook Choi and Ido Shin.

image credits: Georg Klein, Na Na, 2009 und Joachim Seinfeld, Wenn Deutsche lustig sind. Docufiction 2005-2016 







Site Specific Sound Installation

von Mario de Vega


Opening Tuesday, 08.12. 2015, 7 pm

9.-20.December open daily 2-7pm



Time and again Mario de Vega's work venture to the boundaries of human perception. Psychoacoustic phenomena, infrasound, high-voltage systems and electromagnetic oscillation fields are components of his practice, questions of individual perception mechanisms dealt with just as much as global political and social developments. DOLMEN addresses the social effects of modern telecommunications technologies and visually confronts the observer with an integrated sensor system that translates radio waves directly dependent on the activity of the local mobile phone network and the visitor. The exhibition space becomes the resonant space of an omnipresent yet invisible technology whose social, political and health effects are as yet unclear. The »Usuarios (Users)« photo series is presented along with DOLMEN, which de Vega has been developing together with Víctor Mazón Gardoqui since 2003.

On Sunday December 20th there will be an artist talk in the exhibition (8 pm).



funded by   









Exhibition  - Performance - Conference

Opening Thursday, 19.11.2015    7pm


documentation of the exhibition :

WE remember ME   by Chan Sook Choi


PungJungGak (Wind-Meaning Engraving) – by 11 Dance Project / Joowon Song
opening at 7:30 pm & finissage 29.11. at 5pm

Transitional Justice is a project that brings to the foreground the eponymous concept that is the attempt of a given society to come to terms with past abuses in order to establish accountability, justice and reach reconciliation. It follows as second part of a series of events regarding the issue “society in transition”, created by NON Berlin and HEKO e.V. The event consists of three parts, an exhibition, a performance and a conference.

The concept of transitional justice is employed since the 1990's and has been in use through different transitional societies. Coming to terms with a difficult and violent past, one can understand it as overcoming the past while working towards reconciliation. In that sense transitional justice does not solely focus on the past but also on shaping the future, engaging with victims and offenders.

The exhibition will present the work of CHAN SOOK CHOI* and a performance by 11 DANCE PROJECT**.

Artist Chan Sook Choi will present video works that are based on biographical transitions as motivated by upheavals of political systems and their influences on private life.
The „PungJungGak“-Series of 11 Dance Project is telling the universal story about humanity and the localisation of people.


**Opening hours daily**

20.11.-29.11.2015 2pm-7pm 

Finissage 29.11. 5pm

Venue: Meinblau Projektraum, Christinenstr. 18/19, 10119 Berlin

This exhibition is the first collaboration between NON Berlin and Meinblau e.V., curated by Daniela Schmidtke.


Nordkorea im Wandel: Staatliches Unrecht, Aufarbeitung und Versöhnung 
Samstag, 21.11. 5pm-9pm 

Venue: NON Berlin, Chausseestr. 11 (Eingang über Tieckstr.), 10115 Berlin


The conference named North Korea in Transition: State injustice, processing and reconciliation. will discuss the possibility of a Korean reunification based on the example of reunited Germany.


* CHAN SOOK CHOI is born in Seoul (South Korea ) and works with various media, including Installation, sound, video, photography, painting and drawing. She lives and works in Berlin and Seoul. Choi studied Fine Art in Korea and Experimental Media Art at the UDK Berlin. Since 2003, she focuses on experimental film, film, video and mixed media installations. Here she is interested in expanding the boundaries of classical and contemporary art.

**11 DANCE PROJECT was established in 2004 by choreographer Joowon Song. 11 Dance Project extended their spectrum to community movement project group by collaborating with various artists from different genres. They research about urban surroundings, cooperate with poem, music, dance, stage art and film. This is represented through the dance project in urban space called „PungJungGak“- Series which aims to encourage and to connect the value of human life itself. Through this series, they hope to get close to the essence of life, inner peace against the fragmented modern life.





Salon Wiepersdorf



Salon Wiepersdorf

Opening: Friday, October 30th 2015, 7 - 9 pm

Welcome and introduction by: Anne Frechen, Direktorin Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf

Music: Susanne Hardt (Violine), Sandra Schnappauf (Klarinette), Lorenz Trottmann (Posaune)


participating artists:

elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme, Sven Großkreutz, Mane Hellenthal, Juliana Hümpfner, Juliane Laitzsch, César Martins, Philipp Moritz, Kasper Muttonen, Adam Noack, Sylvia Pásztor, Tiina Raitanen, Tina Schulz, Andreas Seltzer, Marlene Thiesen, Mia Unverzagt, Barbara Wege, Rosmarie Weinlich, Miro Zahra und Jörg Piringer




Opening hours: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Finissage Sonntag, 1.11.2015, Sunday, November 1,  

4 p.m. artist talk with: Dorothée Bauerle-Willert und Mark Gisbourne







Ulrike Mohr invites artists coming from the fields of performance, sound and drawing for a collaboration to transform and dissolve her site-specific (char)coal work at project space Meinblau. Her new work will be the starting point and working material for each collaborating artist. The term „Wechselraum“ comes from relay race (Staffellauf) and defines the zone in which one runner hands off the baton to the next runner. In reference to traditional (char)coal making, ongoing for many days, the exhibition is planned as a non-stop process.

collaborating artists:

Isaac Chong, Florian Dombois, Franziska Furter, Alice Goudsmit, Ulrike Mohr, Moritz Nitsche, Katja Pudor, Silvia Ploner & Nicolas Perret, Max Sudhues

OPENING  Thursday, 15. Oktober 2015, 19 Uhr

Opening hours Thurs-Sun, 2-7 pm
and by appointment tel: 0178-5493703


Thursday, 15. October 2015

19.00 – 21.00 Ulrike Mohr –
21.00 – open end Katja Pudor –

Friday, 16. October 2015
14.00 – 16.00 Uhr Franziska Furter –
16.00 – 17.00 Uhr Max Sudhues –
17.00 – 19.00 Uhr Silvia Ploner & Nicolas Perret –

Saturday, 17. October 2015
12.00 – 15.00 Uhr Alice Goudsmit –
15.00 – 17.00 Uhr Moritz Nitsche –
17.00 – 19.00 Uhr Florian Dombois –

Sunday, 18. October 2015
ab 14.00 Uhr geöffnet
17.00 – 19.00 Uhr Isaac Chong –
19.00 Finissage


During the exhibition the composition Concrete PH, 1958 by Iannis Xenakis is running 
and the ethnologicalfilm Le Charbon de bois (Holzkohle), 1984, 28 min. by Jean-Dominique Lajoux is shown.





The project is funded by Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin.







If we were smarter and had thought things through more


A Soundinstallation by  Lucy Powell



THURSDAY, 24th September, 7 pm

!!There will be special performances with a flying drone at regular intervals during the opening!!

The entrance is free

opening hours 25-27th September

Fri-Sun 2-7 pm 


If we were smarter and had thought things through more

In the title of the exhibition, Lucy Powell refers to a proposal by Eliezer Yudkowsky that artificial intelligence (AI) should be entrusted with implementing humanity's 'coherent extrapolated volition' - i.e. all the things we would want were we people better all round. Of course the title can also be given a cautionary interpretation and thus neatly sums up both sides of the debate – one utopian, one apocalyptic – at the dawn of deep learning and burgeoning automation. AI is born of the marriage of information and technology, and with this as its focus the exhibition represents a further step in Powell's exploration of the cybernetic triangle of animal-human-machine.

100 Percent (2015) is the title of a new artist's book that plays with the notion of our ability to measure and know the world. Gathered over several years from the internet and other media outlets, it presents a string of statistics progressing from 1% all the way to 100. The logic it pursues, however, is a twisted one, as the mix of facts and factoids are entirely decontextualised and – the whole having been well and truly divorced from the sum of its parts – ultimately absurd.

The artist's enduring obsession with lists and loops is also reflected in the atrium-filling sound installation Marriage d'amour (2015). A computer voice intones a stream of terminological terms, triple-word combinations from various scientific and militaristic sources that reflect a dense complexity of information and accumulated knowledge. Also collected over many years, the list builds on an earlier artist book Cause&Effect (2013) featuring jargonesque word pairs that teeter on the edge of abstraction. The computer voice, which as it turns out, has rather touchingly been programmed to draw breath at irregular intervals, is accompanied by a self-playing piano, the very embodiment of the ghost in the machine. It relays the kitschy pathos of Marriage d'amour, a piece of music by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint, as well as the absent pianist's every interpretative gesture - over and over and over.


The piano in the exhibition has been generously by sponsored by PianoGalerie Berlin.


Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell is an artist whose practice is a broad ontological inquiry with a focus on scientific and philosophical perspectives on the intersection of human and non-human intelligence. She studied at Wimbledon Art School and Liverpool John Moores University and moved to Berlin in 1995. As an extension of her practice she she co-founded the Satellite Salon in 2011, a forum for art-science conversations based in Berlin and now in cooperation with Kunsthochschule Kassel. Recent exhibitions/screenings include On the Edge, Tieranatomisches Theater, Berlin; Inventing Temperature, Korean Cultural Centre, London; We, animals, Meinblau Berlin, Screening Nature, Whitechapel Gallery, London; The Animal Gaze Returned, SIA, Sheffield/John Cass Gallery, Metropolitan University, London; Amateurism, Kunsterverein Heidelberg; The Worldly House Archive, Documenta 13, Kassel.







we will forget soon

A documentation on the trail of the Soviet Army

by Stefano Corso & Dario-Jacopo Laganà






Thursday, September 3, 2015, 7 pm


For more than 40 years the Soviet Red Army was stationed in the former GDR and for a short while also in the Eastern parts of Germany after the Wall was torn down. This part of German history does not belong to the official commemorative culture, and it's becoming more and more difficult to identify these historical fragments. The Italian photographers Stefano Corso and Dario-Jacopo Laganà started out on a photographical search for traces of its remains.


Opening times

04.- 20.09.2015
Thur-Sun 2-7 pm,

!! during Berlin Art Week (15th-20th Sept) everyday 2-9 pm !!

In the Frame of the Award for our Project Space this exhibition is part of 














we , animals (6) – transference




Thursday  18th June , 7 pm


8 pm  //  MAN OF DOG by Reut Shemesh & Hella Immler & Dounia Tinelli
7-22 pm  //  ANIMAL COMPANION by Hana Lee Erdman



Vera Drebusch, Nieves de la Fuente Gutierrez, Thomas Hawranke, Sara Hoffmann, Hörner /Antlfinger, Yvonne Klasen, Filip Kwiatkowski, Anna Mahendra, Nina Reble, Marthin Rozo, Reut Shemesh und Hella Immler, Qimeng Sun

Guest Artists :

Hana Lee Erdman / companionship by Xenia Dwertmann, Shelly Etkin, Keyon Gaskin, Alice Heyward, Roni Katz, Inna Krasnoper, Maya Weinberg


we, animals – transference (en)

For the 6th part of the series “we , animals ” a number of young artists explore the processes of mutual transference that take place during encounters between humans and animals. They uncover perfect spaces and ideal bodies, use medial artefacts and derivatives of taxonomies and they tell of projected expectations and adopted behaviour. The question of transference is not considered to be one-sided: Not only do humans transfer wishes and expectations onto animals, on the contrary the different works raise the question of animal expectations of us. This results in intimate moments that describe and negotiate everyday situations in the instant of a reaction. Artificially produced expectations give way to curiosity about the animal counterpart.
13 works and performances that deal with the wishes, constraints and inclinations inherent in relationships between human and non-human protagonists will be presented in the exhibition space. The works were developed in the Transmedial Space at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and will be on show to the public for the first time.

Kindly supported by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.




Opening Hours 19.06.-28.06.2015

Thur-Sun 2-7 pm

and by appointment with Anne Hölck


Meinblau Projektraum

Christinenstr. 18-19

10119 Berlin


The exhibition is presented as part of the project series “we , animals – artistic positions on human animal relations”, curated by Anne Hölck at the Meinblau Projektraum









with 300+ international participants

May 2015 



For the 5th and final edition MPA-B takes up residency at MEINBLAU PROJEKTRAUM for one month in May 2015. Here they will be hosting the majority of the MPA-B programme as well as a wealth of other events, coordinated activities and spontaneous actions.

3rd - 31th of May 2015

When programming at the MPA-HUB is ON:
14:00-till end of performances

When programming at the MPA-HUB is not ON:
14:00-till approx.18:00

except on May 22nd and May 23rd when the HUB will only open for the evening programme of performances


The Month of Performance Art-Berlin (MPA-B) is a 31-day, city-wide, non-profit and non-funded collaborative platform devoted to supporting and advancing independent performance art practices in Berlin, and from around the world.


It showcases new work of artists, curators and organisers who have been involved in the incredible story called MPA–B at different junctions over the past five years. This edition marks the completion of the platform and the five year inquiry that stood at its outset back in January 2011: mapping, connecting and supporting the independent performance art scene in Berlin.

As a performance art platform, MPA-B embraces the task to imagine an infinite number of possible natures and to respect the integrity of all artists and their belief in what they do – that their art is a necessity. To see these performances is to witness them, and witnessing them over the years we develop a vocabulary to communicate and share our own thoughts and emotions with our fellow witnesses. We are thrilled to once again be initiators and participants in this process of building a language or, rather, many languages.

This year will, more than ever, challenge the participating venues throughout the city to confront their different views on the complex relations between economics, social context, and aesthetics. Our central location provides an example for this kind of discourse: the HUB or Second Temporary House of Performance Art chooses as its home the contested space of a White Cube. For our 5th and final edition we will take up residency at MEINBLAU PROJEKTRAUM for one month in May 2015. This is where we will be hosting the majority of the MPA-B programme as well as a wealth of other events, coordinated activities and spontaneous actions.









23.04.2015 ab 18 Uhr

22.04.2015 – 26.04.2015
täglich geöffnet von 14–20 Uhr







Pipperoo, pippera, pipperum ... The rest is rot

Ausstellung mit Videokunst und Installationen

Im Rahmen des 6. Arabisches Filmfestival Berlin


Adel Abidin
Maeve Brennan
Paul Hage-Boutros
Doa Aly
Mirna Bamieh
Badr el Hammami
Daniel Kötter
Randa Mirza
Ahmad Ghossein


10.4., 21 Uhr

Dance Habibi Dance

El Wad Na3 Na3 ( Beirut), Disko ya Hala (Kalakuta, Soul, Bochum)


Sa 14-20, So-Di 10-20, Mi 10-19, Führungen: Sa 16 Uhr, 18 Uhr, So 14 Uhr, 18 Uhr, Mo-Mi 18 Uhr


Der Titel der Ausstellung ist die Deklination einer echogenen Nonsens-Version eines erfundenen lateinischen Adjektivs, mit welchem der amerikanische Dichter Wallace Stevens sein Gedicht „On an old horn“ beendet.

Wie kann man einer Ausstellung, die Videoinstallationen aus unterschiedlichen kulturellen, ästhetischen, politischen und sozialen Hintergründen miteinander vereint, einen annähernd beschreibenden Titel geben? Das Entscheidende ist, den Künstlern eine Stimme zu geben, um ihre persönliche Sicht auf die Welt, auf Kunst und die Produktion von Bildern darstellen zu können, ohne das Echo durch ein vorgreifendes Thema zu erzwingen.

„Pipperoo, pippera, pipperum ... The rest is rot“ bezieht sich auf eine künstlerische Praxis im Kontext von Krisen - wie in der arabischen Welt, wo Künstler eine filmische Sprache und Ästhetik entwickeln, die Echos in Gedichten gleichen. Sie können lautmalerischen Experimenten einen Sinn geben, wenn sie gleichzeitig gelesen werden...

weitere Info unter:
ALFILM الفيلم
Arabisches Filmfestival Berlin
Twitter: @ALFILMberlin



sound art exhibition | concert | party

Georg Klein: Sprich mit mir (Installation)
Marcus Gammel / DeutschlandRadio: Buchpräsentation mit Georg Klein
Agnès Guipont / La Vie en Bô: French Experimental Songs
Wendelin Büchler / Corvo Records: DJ


Friday March 13th 2015
8 p.m.  - open from 6 p.m.


The borderlines that shape our everyday lives play a central role in the work of the internationally acclaimed composer, sound and media artist Georg Klein. In his installations and interventions in the public space, he compresses visual and acoustic, situational and political components into a charged aesthetic space in which visitors interact with or participate in the works – in a way that is sometimes highly provocative and other times simply amusing, but always with a deeper meaning. Klein challenges his audience’s perceptual faculties, employing bordercrossing audiovisual constellations as well as political fakes that lead visitors onto shaky ground and make them question identities. Artistic boundaries are likewise transgressed here in an unsettling fashion: the borderline between art and reality as well as those between the artistic genres. This catalog brings together for the first time the artist’s works, many of which exist only temporarily, in order to discuss them within an art-theoretical framework.


Georg Klein’s work is highly unusual in both sound and new media art. In sound art there is no other artistic position that deals so intensively and rigorously with social reality and public urban space. While these themes are more widespread in new media art, one finds no other artists in that field who have given the musical and the auditory the same precedence, nor is there the same kind of connection to place that Klein has developed. These two aspects constitute the unique quality of this artist’s aesthetic thinking: The precision and sensitivity with which he chooses sounds, noises, images, poems and text compositions for a given project are as unusual as the site-specificity that forms the core of his aesthetic. (Prof. Sabine Sanio , UdK Berlin / Sound Studies)


MEINBLAU projektraum
Christinenstraße 18/19 (Haus 5)
D-10119 Berlin



"9 aus 13"

Ludwig Abache, Olivier Colin, Benjamin Hörbe, Anke Krey, Pascal Miet, Peter Petzold, Doris Pemler, Monika Skolimowska, Nadine Thieme


Neun Fotografen, neun Themen, neun Welten.
Was sie verbindet: Ihr Interesse für Menschen


Die Arbeiten entstanden im Rahmen eines Seminars von Rudi Meisel an der Ostkreuzschule Berlin.




27. Februar, 19:00-21:30 Uhr




Donnerstags bis Sonntags 14:00–19:00 Uhr


Finissage: 8. März, 15:00–18:00 Uhr



The dark room

The dark room

Andreas Burger, Bernhard Kubulus, Cap Grundheber, César Martins, Charlotte Menin,
Eric Strelow, Johanna Ulmschneider, Jule Kaiser, Sarah Thußbas, Severin Wohlleben,
Volker Gerling
13.02.2015 thru 15.02.2015
open daily from 2 - 7 pm (or by appointment)



“Der dunkle Raum” / “The dark room”
The era of the Meinblau darkroom is drawing to an end. But before that is going to happen, we will turn on the lights one more time, and show selected works of the photographers that used to share the dark room work space within the last decade.  



Winter Collage

curated by mika mario minetti


akzidenz (DE), Lisette DeZoete (NL), Jenni Hiltunen (FI), Eemil Karila (FI), Ida Koitila (FI), Niina Lehtonen Braun (FI), Lola Lustosa (BR), Elena Nestorova (FI), Jukka Rusanen (FI), Janne Räisänen (FI)


12.12.2014 until 21.12.2014

open daily from 2 pm till 7 pm (and by appointment)




7 PM TO 11 PM

The opening night includes a one-time performance by dancer Simo Vassinen (FI), in collaboration with choreographer Vincent Bozek (FR). Berlin-based electronic artist ISLAJA (FI) will follow suit with an exclusive, site-specific concert, and Dj Antti Hiljá (FI) takes over the turntables.


Musterzimmer presents WINTER COLLAGE, an exhibition with ten international artists coming together for the first time to explore the art of collage. The history of collage dates back to the invention of paper more than two thousand years ago. In the visual arts, the technique of assembling different forms, materials and ideas became prominent among painters and sculptors during the early stages of 20th century modernism. Ever since, collage art has developed into new dimensions by means of photography, video and performance.


“Wer sucht, findet nicht, aber wer nicht sucht, wird gefunden.” –Franz Kafka






Everything new, but everything good?


Photography & Texts
Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg


Anja Gersmann

Anne-Kristin Barth


22 nov - 7 dec 2014
thurs–sun, 2–7 mp

(and by appointment (0151 - 19657192))

Friday, 21 november 2014, 7 p.m.


The simplicity and spirit of optimism is already bygone.
The new metamorphose of the city seems to be ubiquitous and confirms the quote about Berlin:
it is condemed to always be changing and never stay still.
For a few years now, the photogapher Anja Gersmann follows the process of the urban change and finds places, which are changing every day. We see localities of ordinariness, immidiate vicinity and inconspiciuous backstreets. The pictures seem to catch the faded sense of life and the facades reflecting the changes of the inner life back to the outside.
The process and transformation give rise to the question: multifaced or one-sided? standardized or free? gently or brutal? With each other or even against each other?
And last but not least: Everything is new, but is it also satisfying?
Since the german reunification, Anja Gersmann lives and works in Berlin.




[domestic scape]

Fotographische Positionen der Studierenden von Bernhard Prinz,
Kunsthochschule Kassel


Martha Friedel, Jens Gerber, Max Hänisch, Faye Hintke, Holger Jenss, Julia Kopylova, Max Sand, Kathi Seemann, Elisabeth, Jing Tang, Nicolas Wefers



Do–So, 14:00–19:00 Uhr


Preview: Donnerstag 30.10.2014 | 20:00 h 

Eröffnung: Freitag 31.10.2014, 19:00 Uhr

Die traditionelle Vorstellung von Stadt und Region als geschlossene Einheit mit klar erkennbaren Eigenschaften existiert nicht mehr. Zunehmende Mobilität durch die Integration Europas führt zu einem Aufweichen von nationalen und kulturellen Grenzen. Fortschreitende transnationale Migrationsprozesse setzen neue Wertvorstellungen und Alltagswelten. Veränderte, raumgreifende Strukturen rücken sukzessive nach und die klassischen Gegensatzpaare von Stadt und Land, Zentrum und Peripherie haben ihre Gültigkeit verloren.Die Studierenden der Kunsthochschule Kassel untersuchen diese unerforschten Territorien.
Die komprimierten sozialen, ökonomischen und ästhetischen Strukturen werden zu ihrem zentralen Ausgangspunkt.
In assoziativen Gegenüberstellungen der jeweiligen Positionen werden Ausdrucksformen und Verhaltensnormen, Gesten, Übertragungsmuster und Zeichensysteme als vielfältige ästhetische und kulturelle Prägung offenbar. Unter der Oberfläche des vermeintlich Bekannten sind so neue Erkenntnisfelder zu entdecken, die sich einem humorvollen und ironischen Zugang nicht verschließen.



we,animals - scenarios

Lucy Powell
Uli Westphal
donata kindesperk 


10.- 26.October 2014
Do-So 14-19h

Donnerstag, 9. October 2014, 19:00 Uhr

The exhibition shows visions of human-animal relations in immediate and distant future. Spatial installation, drawing, video animation and documentary outline scenarios of (re)animated unknown species, utopian landscapes of the food system, discover street dogs as companion species in cultural life, localise intelligence and feeling in unknown time and bodies.

curated by Anne Hölck

The exhibition we , animals – scenarios shows visions of human-animal relations in immediate and distant future. The anonymous artist’s collective NEOZOON transforms the space into a research laboratory in which „Bestia Recreata“, coat animals, are the subjects of a re-animation-experiment. The art activists Lissette Olivares and Cheto Castellano aka SIN KABEZA explore in their video-documentaries co-evolutionary relationships through primary footage of kiltros, dogs who live beyond the borders of domestic life in Santiago de Chile, and interviews with their companion species in nature-culture life. For the „Supernatural“ light-boxes Uli Westphal utilizes the methods of standard packaging design of large food discounters for the depictions of plants, animals and landscapes – endless, ever repeating, utopian sceneries that stand in harsh contrast to the actual makeup of the industrialized food system. donata kindesperk’s drawings from the series „ape revenge“ reflect the perspective and focus on moments of human anxiety captured by animal revenge.
In her video installation „We Are Here“ Lucy Powell gives voice to two individually animated talking cat heads that are projected on a level with those of the viewers eyes. Their words localise intelligence and feeling in unknown time and bodies.


/  /





sensory neuronal network

sensorial room installation as an interface between art and neuroscience

rainer dunkel and Benjamin staude


27th sept.–3rd Oct.

monday to sunday 4 pm - 10 pm

special event
Friday, 26.09.2014, 8 p.m-

Than the brain and its exploration

interactive lecture by neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Stefan Rotter,
Bernstein Center Freiburg

The artist Rainer Dunkel and neuroscientist Dr. Benjamin Staude Illuminate in its interdisciplinary installation sensory neuronal network correlates of aesthetic neuronal dynamics. Sensory stimulated activity pattern of the human cerebral cortex modeled simulation form the basis of artistic confrontation. Through interactive visualization and tone settings of neuronal impulses Dunkel and Staude try the most fascinating scientific issue of our time to approach: How do our brains out trillions of individual pulses of individual nerve cells-uniform states of mind such as perception, emotions, or consciousness? Far from trying to formulate clear answers to these questions, sensory neuronal network is rather an aesthetic confrontation of the visitor with the neural basis of its existence.

The spatio-cubist object of Rainer Dark is both receptive module and the projection
surface of the simulated neuron activity. The sensory abstraction generates
references to the smallest neural impulses: From Space Plane-line-to-point here is
themed reduction to the multiple multiplicity smallest neuro organic elements and their compounds.
The installation sensory neuronal network is developed in close cooperation with the Bernstein Center in Freiburg. At the Vernissage on 09/26/2014 its director, Prof. Dr. Stefan Rotter of the University of Freiburg in an academic lecture will describe basic problems of modern computerized brain research. A special feature of the presentation is, that the content, analogous to the processes in neurobiological network collectives, self-regulating modified: Impulse visitors are fed into an interactive simulation model and thus influence the lecture course.

With the kind support of:

Bernstein Center Freiburg:


Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH




/ biographies

 artistic positions on the current debate on human-animal relations


Hörner | Antlfinger
Lucy Powell
Uli Westphal

curated by Anne Hölck


Opening: september 4th 2014, 7 pm

5th – 21st september 2014

wed-sun 2 pm – 7 pm


we , animals - biographies

How do animals create history? 

The exhibition revolves around ­nonverbal communication, co-authorship – animal biographies.
The artists‘s works lay (auto)biographical trails and follow ­individual abilities of wild, domestic, liminal animals.


The audio guide Retrozoology by Uli Westphal gives a retrospective view of human perceptions of animals for the past 2,350 years. All quotations are marked by strange, sometimes erroneous conceptions and misinterpretations, resulting from primal encounters with unknown creatures. For Linimal Animal Lucy Powell collected whiskers shed by her cat over a number of years. Arranged on black velvet in a shellac frame the whiskers reference the way cats use their whiskers for spatial navigation. The sound installation Contact Call is a co-production by Hörner |Antlfinger and two African grey parrots who are extremely talented in adapting to the sounds of their social environment. Two other parrots of the same species are also the co-creators of daily sketches in the form of reworked magazines and newspapers. The photos are presented for the first time in the exhibition. In their video Two Homes Hörner |Antlfinger show human infringements on animal biographies. Found footage of a pet bird is intercut with images of a poultry farm.

The exhibition provides a first insight into the Open Archive Clever Hans. Conceived in collaboration with cultural theorist Stephan Zandt it will be continually updated. Clever Hans lived at Prenzlauer Berg Berlin from 1895-1916 and became famous as the horse that could count“. The open archive collects references to the history of Clever Hans and his particular talent for reading muscle movements.

The exhibition is part of the project series we, animals that features artistic positions on the current debate on human-animal relations.
It is funded by Kulturamt Pankow zu Berlin and Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst Bonn.






sound installation

Raul Keller


august 7th to 31th 

Vernissage: wednesday, 6th august, 7 p.m.


Open Studio: thursday, 31st july 7 p.m.

Finissage: sunday, 31st august 

Raul Keller

Estonian artist Raul Keller belongs to a new generation of Eastern European artists who bring together composition and performance, media and sound art in their own unique way. His works virtuously move in the most varied areas of contemporary art. They encompass place-specific sound installations, performance and free improvisation, radio art, photography and video art as well as experimental rock music.

In July 2014 Raul Keller embarks on a one-month project residency as a guest of “singuhr – projects” @ Meinblau in order to realize an intensive work, discussion and experimental period.

The new exhibition project will be developed exclusively for this project space. This Thursday at 7 pm “singuhr – projects” will for the first time stage an “open studio” in which Raul Keller will offer insights into his working methods in both earlier projects and the current artistic production.

singuhr – projekte : Residency programme

Raul Keller’s exhibition launches the “singuhr – projects” new residency programme that we invited to Meinblau project space this year. Working and exhibiting in the same space artistic production becomes an even more prominent part of the work itself. Project residencies for national and international sound artists form the focal point of “singuhr – projects” in the next years, connected with talks and presentations and followed by a final exhibition project with a space-related sound installation.

Veranstaltet von singuhr e.V.
Mit Unterstützung des Bezirksamts Pankow von Berlin, der Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., und Meinblau e.V.




Zeitgenössische Kunst aus dem amerikanischen Herzland


Künstler: Matt Christy, Brandon Donahue, Patricia Earnhardt, Kristi Hargrove, John Jones, Thomas Poolaw, Sabine Schlunk

14. Juni bis 6. Juli 2014

Vernissage 13. Juni 18 Uhr
19:30 Uhr: JJ Jones performs Songs from the Heartland in his Human Snow Globe


“heartlandish” ist eine Ausstellung von Künstlern aus den USA, die weit entfernt von Metropolen wie Los Angeles, Chicago oder New York City leben. Sie arbeiten im sogenannten Herzland (engl.: heartland), im südlichen Westen und den Südstaaten der USA. Ihre Kunst ist nicht vom rasanten Leben der Megastädte geprägt, sondern entspringt der Ruhe langer heißer Sommermonate und der Weite des Landes. Die Menschen haben Zeit, ihr Alltag ist langsamer. Diese Erfahrung spiegelt sich auch in der Arbeitsweise der Künstler wieder: Im Mittelpunkt steht nicht das fertige Produkt, sondern der schöpferische Prozess, der auch schon mal mehrere Jahre dauern kann. Abseits des Kunstmarkts mit seinen wechselnden Hypes, finden die Künstler in der Mitte des Landes viel Zeit und Raum, sich mit den Voraussetzungen ihres eigenen Daseins zu befassen – mit der Geschichte des Landes genauso wie mit ihrer persönlichen Geschichte. Sie haben einen teils indianischen, teils afro-amerikanischen Hintergrund oder sind Einwanderer erster, zweiter, dritter Generation.

Die Künstler sind Matt Christy, Brandon Donahue, Patricia Earnhardt, Kristi Hargrove, John Jones, Thomas Poolaw und Sabine Schlunk. Sie arbeiten mit so unterschiedlichen Kunstformen wie Zeichnung, Installation, Animation, Video, Fotografie, Malerei und Performance. Kuratiert und betreut wird die Ausstellung von der Berliner Fotokünstlerin Jule Kaiser und der deutsch-amerikanischen Künstlerin und Kuratorin Sabine Schlunk.

Öffnungszeiten: Do - Son 14–20 Uhr 





Eine ortsbezogene Raumlandschaft aus Sound, Licht und kinetischen Skulpturen.

Künstler: Olivia Pils 

7. Juni bis 8. Juni 2014

Eröffnung: am 6. Juni 2014 ab 19:00 Uhr

Wie sieht unsere aktuelle Vision einer perfekten Welt aus, wo doch die großen Utopien ausgedient haben und Gott abgeschafft wurde? Vielleicht wie ein mystischer Themenpark in dem Maschinen die Natur ersetzt haben? Die Künstlerin Olivia Pils inszeniert das Paradies im Jahre Null als surrealistisches Disneyland in weiß und pink. Die Bewegung im Raum entsteht durch Motoren von elektrischen Messern, Ventilatoren und Plattenspielern bestehen. Das Licht der Neonröhren, die Musikkomposition, die Stimme aus dem Megaphon, der Lärm der Motoren, die Skulpturen, die sich mechanisch bewegen: alles zusammen ergibt eine bizarre Vision dessen, wie eine perfekte Welt in der Zukunft aussehen könnte.

Olivia Pils ist seit 1992 in Berlin als Musikerin, Künstlerin und Veranstalterin im DIY-Bereich aktiv.In ihren Installationen beschäftigt sie sich mit Utopien und Dystopien und läßt sich dabei von science-ficition Autoren inspirien, wie Don DeLillo, J.G. Ballard, Aldous Huxley, Philip K. Dick u.a. Ihre environments zeigen bizarre und surrealistische Welten mit zahlreichen Bezügen: Themenparks, Kirmes, Louise Bourgeois, Massenproduktion, David Lynch, japanische Animes. Dazu benutzt sie vorzugsweise elektrische Haushaltsgeräte, Neonlicht und selbst komponierte Musik.

Zur Vernissage gibt es eine Performance von ANY (vocal noise music)

Öffnungzeiten: 7.6. und 8.6. 2014 15-20 Uhr


A site-specific sculptural landscape made of light, sound and kinetic sculptures.

What is our current vision for a perfect world? What does it look like now that our universal utopias have come into disuse, with God having been disestablished? Maybe it is a mystical theme park with automation as a substitute for nature?

In the year zero, the artist casts paradise as a surrealistic Disneyland in white and pink; the room is set alive by way of electronic machines made out of electric knives, ventilators, and record players. The neon light, the music composition, the voice from the megaphone, the sound of the motors, the sculptures that move mechanically: it all adds up to a bizarre vision, what a perfect world could look like in the future.

Since 1992 Olivia Pils has been active in Berlin as musician, artist and organiser in the DIY scene. In her installations she explores utopia and dystopia as inspired by Science Fiction authors such as Don DeLillo, J.G. Ballard, Aldous Huxley, and Philip K. Dick, amongst others. In her environment she creates bizarre, surrealistic worlds with numerous references: the theme park and the funfair, Louise Bourgeois and David Lynch, mass production and Japanese anime. The material she uses consists of electronic household devices, neon light, and her own musical composition.

Opening with performance by ANY (vocal noise music)
opening hours: 7.6. and 8.6. 2014 15-20 pm







9. Mai bis 1. Juni 2014

Mit der Saison 2013 beendete die singuhr – hoergalerie ihre kontinuierliche Ausstellungstätigkeit in den beiden historischen Wasserspeichern in Prenzlauer Berg. Die Ausstellung singuhr on paper lässt die Projekte der Galerie nun im Kunsthaus Meinblau, einem der wichtigsten Kooperationspartner der singuhr – hoergalerie in den letzten Jahren, noch einmal Revue passieren und thematisiert dabei gleichzeitig auch die Möglichkeiten der Dokumentation ephemerer Kunst.

Als visueller Anker werden erstmals sämtliche Plakate der singuhr – hoergalerie seit 1996 gemeinsam in einer Ausstellung präsentiert. Im Zentrum steht dabei die einzigartige Form der Vermittlung von Klangprojekten durch die visuelle Gestaltung. Plakate und Druckerzeugnisse der singuhr wurden vom grafischen büro cyan in enger Abstimmung mit den kuratorischen Konzeptionen entwickelt. Sie gewannen diverse Preise bei nationalen und internationalen Plakatwettbewerben. So wurden alle Plakate in die Liste der „100 besten Plakate des Jahres“ im deutschsprachigen Raum ausgewählt. Sie wurden bereits in Ausstellungen in Japan und Frankreich präsentiert, aber noch nie in einer Zusammenschau in Berlin.

Neben den Druckerzeugnissen bieten Mediapoints mit aufbereitetem Ton- und Bildmaterial einen Einblick in die einzelnen Ausstellungsprojekte. Klangkunst gilt als ephemere Kunst, ihre Werke als nicht reproduzierbar. Deshalb wurden alle Projekte der Galerie in und an den Wasserspeichern ausführlich in Bild und Ton dokumentiert. Auf diese Weise entstand ein umfangreiches Projektarchiv, das in singuhr on paper vorgestellt wird.

Öffnungszeiten: Mittwoch - Sonntag 14 bis 20 Uhr



Artists: Ángel Mateo Charris, Marcelo Fuentes, Dis Berlin, Damián Flores, Carlos García Alix, Paco de la Torre, Teresa Tomás, Joël Maestre, Roberto Mollá, Jorge Taranzona, Fernando Martín Godoy, Elena Goñi, Juan Cuéllar, Guillermo Peñalver Fernández, Nelo Vinuesa, Gonzalo Elvira y Chema Peralta.

Curated by Juan Cuéllar and Roberto Mollá

OPENING Thursday, 19.October, 7 pm

!! special guided tour by the curators starts at 6 pm !!

Opening hours: 20.October-12.November 2017

Thurs-Sun 2-7 pm


17 well-known Spanish artists will show their works in the MEINBLAU project space in Berlin from October, 20th to November, 12th. All of them are known as representatives of the Spanish post-conceptual Figuration or are close to it. All of the shown works - mostly paintings but also an installation and a video - concentrate on architecture and spatial geometry: as main motiv, background, frame or as symbolic element.


The exhibition is supported by the Spanish ministry of culture, education and sport in co-operation with the Spanish embassy in Berlin and the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.





Nika Schmitt – umwandler

08.07. — 16.07.2023 Experimental exhibition

Friday 07.07.23 , 19h Artist Talk/Opening


Young Luxembourg-born sound artist Nika Schmitt has her debut in Berlin with her new sound installation »umwandler«. Starting at the end of July, this piece transforms the Large Water Reservoir on Belforter Straße in Prenzlauer Berg into a sounding transformation center of energy.

Nika Schmitt tests the concrete setup for the installation in advance at the beginning of July in an experimental exhibition in Meinblau Project Space, which functions simultaneously as a work, presentation and discussion space. Visitors can study test setups, sketches and objects and follow the development of the piece using concrete examples.


The artist installs a system that produces electrical power but at the same time stops the flow of energy, deforming its own power needs by charging and discharging itself. Nika Schmitt transforms the energetic processes generated by the system into continuously changing sounds and sound movements in the space.

Nika Schmitt presents her research results in detail in an artist talk on Friday, July 7th, 2023 at 7 p.m. at Meinblau Project Space, which will simultaneously serve as the opening of her experimental installation.

Nika Schmitt’s kinetic sculptures and installations are marked by a special combination of sound, electronics and mechanics. Her pieces focus on complex physical processes in a surprisingly simple and intuitive way. The questions she explores are universal and her artistic realizations are often humorously paired with sometimes wondrous mechanical procedures. »umwandler« is a sound installation that is technically based on the principle of the copper coil prevalent in electrical engineering.

read more: singuhr-projekte /nikaschmittumwandler

Nika Schmitt – umwandler
08.07. — 16.07.2023 Experimental exhibition
Meinblau Projektraum, Auf dem Pfefferberg, Haus 5,
Christinenstr. 18/19, 10119 Berlin
Open: Wed — Sun from 3-7pm
Artist Talk: 07.07.2023, 7pm

27.07. — 13.08.2023 Sound installation
Großer Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg
Belforter Straße, 10405 Berlin
Open: Wed — Sun from 2-8pm
Opening: 26.07.2023, 7pm

Admission Experimental exhibition: free
Admission Großer Wasserspeicher: 6€ / 3€

Organized by singuhr e.v.
Funded by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., Arts Council Luxembourg, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin (Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur), Musikfonds, die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Botschaft des Erzherzogtums Luxemburg. With the kind support of Meinblau e.V. and Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin.